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Cup A is the slightly bigger sister of AAA and AA. This guide is all about A-sized ladies. Enjoy!

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1. How small is a cup size A?

Bras come in different band sizes and in different cup volumes. Cup size A is one of the smaller cup sizes available. Other small cups are AAA and AA.

A teenager’s first bra can be a cup A. But a grown-up woman can also have a cup A (or smaller).

Bra sizes can be very close. And you cannot just say cup A is smaller than cup B.

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For example.

✔ a woman is wearing a 40C bra. She is not happy with the cups, they are too big and she finds the band size a bit too tight.
✔ going up a band size would be a 42 band. When going up a band size the cup volume will automatically change too.
✔ A 42C bra has more cup volume than a bra in 40C. So this woman has to go down at least one cup size. She might wanna try 42B and 42A.

2. What happens if I change the band size?

woman looking at bra thinking of measuring her bra size

I own bras in 3 different sizes ( 34AA, 34A, and 36AAA – and they all fit me just fine. Depending on the type of bra and the brand I choose different sizes.

Remember that bras have sister sizes.

Especially if you’re in between two possible band sizes you could well have different cup sizes that fit you just fine. For example, a bra 80A has the same cup volume as a bra 75B.

3. What is the smallest bra size online?

woman in lulalu bra cup a

There’s no such thing as breasts being too small.

Cup A isn’t sure the only smaller cup-sized bra on the market. There are cup AA and cup AAA read more about the smallest cups

4. Wonderbra push-up for small cups

advertisment of wonderbra push up 1963

Now here’s a super bra brand if you’re looking for cleavage. Great on A cups

The story of the Wonderbra started in 1939 in Canada when a corset company decided to manufacture bras.

5. Small cup large band bras

woman in a bra a cup with large band size

No woman is the same and having smaller boobs does not necessarily mean your underbust size is also small.

See my selection for AAA-A cups in band sizes 40-58

6. Bralettes for small cups

woman wearing wireless bra nude color size cup a

Bralettes are light and I always love the feeling and the look of lace all over. This bra style is great for women with a smaller cup size. I’ve selected 8 bralettes for AAA-A cups

7. A cup bras for band sizes 28a and 30a

woman wearing small bust small frame bra 28a

Small bust small frame bras for women. See my selection of 10 bras for sizes 28a and 30a

8. Teenager sports bras

two teenage bra tops in bleu and grey lying flat

Every teenage girl has her own body proportions. Girls of the same age may have a totally different size.

See my selection of bralette style, racerback, and cup-sized sports bras 10 Teenager sports bras

9. Bra inserts for small or sagging breasts

bra inserts pads

Bra pads are little lifesavers really. And they come cheap. Add them in whatever you like. 

These 8 bra inserts work great for just some padding, a little extra cleavage, or for balancing uneven breasts.

10. Swim shapers | 8 popular styles

swim shapers insert pads

Swimsuit pad inserts are a great replacement for your original pads. You might not want to increase your size and keep it modest.

But if you do look for a little or bigger boost, it’s just that easy. See 8 styles swim shapers

11. Silk bras

woman wearing a silk bra in cup a size

A silk bra is great for women with cup A. Silk is gentle for the skin. If you once tried it… See 8 Silk Bras

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Is there a question about your bra still unanswered? Please let me know. I’ll be happy to advise.

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