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Are you wearing an A cup (or think you might need a cup A?). This guide is all about your cup size A. Enjoy!

  1. How small is a bra in cup size A?
  2. What if I change the band size of my cup A?
  3. A cup vs B cup | What’s the difference?
  4. What is the smallest bra size online?
  5. 10 favorite push-up Wonderbra for AA-A
  6. Small cup large band bras for AA-B cups
  7. Bralettes for AA-B cups
  8. A cup bras with small band sizes 38a and 30a
  9. 10 teenager sports bras cup A-B and s-xl
  10. 8 bra inserts for small, sagging and uneven breasts
  11. 8 swim shapers for bikinis and swimsuits

1. How small is a cup size A?

A well-fitted bra turns any woman a bra lover

Bras come in different band sizes and in different cup volumes. Cup size A is one of the smaller cup sizes available. Other small cups are AAA and AA.

If you’re not happy with your current bra size it could well mean you need a cup AAA, AA, A, B or C.

Don’t let this confuse you. It is important for women with small breasts to realize that the difference between these cup sizes isn’t always that big as you might think. Let me give you an example.

This woman is wearing a 40C bra at the moment. She is not happy with the cups, they are too big and she finds the band size a bit too tight.
Going up a band size would be a 42 band. When going up a band size the cup volume will automatically change too.
A 42C bra has more cup volume as a bra in 40C. So this woman has to go down at least one cup size. She might wanna try 42B and 42A.

A little change in measurements can change your bra size

I own bras in 3 different sizes ( 34AA, 34A and 36AAA – and they all fit me just fine. Depending on the type of bra and the brand I choose different sizes.

Check out the bra size calculator for your best bra size.

Dobreva Women’s Logo Strap Lightly Padded T-Shirt Bra Underwired AA – DD cups | See Dobreva collection at Amazon.com

2. What happens with my cup size if I change the band size?

measure bra band size
Changing your band size will change your cup volume as well

Remember that bras have sister sizes. Meaning you could well fit more than one bra size. Especially if you’re in between two possible band sizes you could well have different cup sizes that fit you just fine. For example, a bra 80A has the same cup volume as a bra 75B.

3. The difference between cup A and cup B

Bra sizing is not difficult but a slight change in measurements could mean you would have to change your bra size alltogether. If you have any doubts? It’s my advice to play around a bit with your measurements. It will make you realize what possible bra sizes you should try.

A cup vs B | what’s the real difference? Read more »

4. What is the smallest bra size online?

There’s no such thing as breasts being too small. It’s what nature is all about, we come in all shapes and sizes. The cups AA or A can be the right bra size for a teenage girl, but also the right size for a grown-up woman.

Hanes Women’s Convertible Seamless Wire Free Bra Small-XXL | See details at Amazon.com

Read more about the smallest cup size online »

5. Wonderbra push-up for small cups

Now here’s a super bra brand if you’re looking for cleavage having smaller breasts. Many of their A cups work also great on women with an AA cup size.

Wonderbra Women’s Refined Glamour Triangle Underwire Push-Up Bra, A-I cups | See details at Amazon.com

The story of the Wonderbra started in 1939 in Canada when a corset company decided to manufacture bras. Nowadays the Wonderbra stands for push-up bras.

billboard of hello boys campaign Wonderbra
The Hello Boys Wonderbra campaign on billboards in 1994

I’ve selected 5 popular Wonderbra push-ups that are great for small breasts »

6. Small cup large band bras

No woman is the same and having smaller boobs does not necessarily mean your underbust size is also small.

Glamorise Women’s Perfect Full Figure Wireless Padded Bra A Cup Only 38-58 band sizes | See details at Amazon.com

This padded A bra by Glamorise is specially designed to enhance A cups. It is wire-free. The 4 largest bands in this bra are 52a, 54a, 56a, and 58a.

See more bras cup AA-B with a large band up to 58A and 46AA »

7. Bralettes for small cups

DOBREVA Women’s Lace Bralette Plunge Halter Longline Top Wirefree Bra | See collection Dobreva at Amazon.com

Bralettes are light and I always love the feeling and the look of lace all-over. This bra style is great for women with a smaller cup size.

How much support you want and may need for your small cup size (our boobs can sag too), the choice is yours. Because bralettes come in all-natural style, wired style, and also with push-up pads.

See my blog on Bralettes A-C cups from the collections of Dobreva, Mea, and Eberjey here »

8. A cup bras for band sizes 28a and 30a

Wingslove Women’s Sexy 1/2 Cup Lace Bra Balconette Mesh Underwired Demi Shelf Bra 28a-36a | See details at Amazon.com

I’ve selected 10 popular bras that are available in the small band sizes 28a and 30a. See all 10 bras in my blog here »

Note! In the blog, you’ll find 2 teen brands as well. Teenage bra brands? See my blog on teenage bras for AA-C cups »

9. 10 teenager sports bras | shopping guide

Royce sports bra A-B cups | See guide for all 10 sports bras

Every teenage girl has her own body proportions. Girls of the same age may have a totally different size. Check out my guide to find your best sports bra or top! See teen sports bra guide »

10. 8 Bra inserts for small or sagging breasts

photo of bra inserts illustrating a blog about this subject
See all 8 poplular bra inserts in my blog »

Bra inserts are worn for different reasons.

It might be to avoid nipple show-through or to fill up a sports bra. Bra pad inserts are also used to balance uneven breasts. And of course, to create to cleavage you like. See 8 styles in my blog on bra inserts »

11. swim shapers | 8 popular styles

Swim shapers come in different shapes and level of boost, varying from no boost till adding one or two cup sizes.

Swimwear shapers can be lightweight pads that you tuck into the pocket of your bikini top or swimsuit. Or go for inserts that have a unique perforated surface. This feature allows air and water to pass through. Show me all 8 styles swim shapers »

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