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This AA bra guide is all about AA-sized ladies (and teens).

woman wearing aa cup bra

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AA cup guide

1. Do I need an AA cup?

It is easy for women and girls with small boobs to go for the wrong cup size.

  • not all bra size charts have AAA and AA cups listed
  • most shops do not carry the smallest cup sizes
  • you might be advised a wrong cup size
  • you might never have had a well-fitted bra before

AA cup bras are getting more and more common. And that’s a good thing. Boobs come as small as they like. It has always been this way and it will never change. Even though boobs may only seem to get bigger, we petite girls are everywhere.

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But it is not just going down (or up) a cup size. The first thing you have to decide on is your band size.

This seems simple. But let me show you what happens with a few examples.

 you wear 38A and find the cups too big, your band size feels fine and firm
» you might wanna try 38AA or 38AAA.

you wear 36B and find the cups too big, your band size is a too loose
» you might wanna try 34B or 34A

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you wear 40C and find the cups too big, your band size is too tight
» you might wanna try 42B or 42A

chart showing sisters size cup aa
Chart with bra sister sizes

Your current bra size has ‘sister sizes‘ which are your alternative sizes.

2. AA cup bra brands

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I wear 34A, 34AA, and 36AAA myself. These sizes all fit me fine.

Through the years I learned what to choose depending on the bra style and the bra brand.

There is not an abundance of AA cup bras in the stores. Or when they do have an AA cup bra, it’s not always the grown-up bra you’re looking for.

But some lingerie brands do make some lovely small cups 8 Bra brands for cup AA

3. Teenage bras AA – B cups

teenage bra pink with dots

As a teenage girl, you can wear bra tops or you might want your first bra with an actual cup size.

It could be you need an AA cup for your first bra. But some girls need a slightly bigger cup, like an A or B. See teen bras A-B cups

4. Sports bras for small breasts

woman wearing black sports bra small cup aa

Small boobs, like AA cups, need support from a sports bra to help reduce the bouncing.

Petite women do have a challenge when shopping for a sports bra. Sports bras for small chests

5. Strapless bras in AA cup

Most strapless bras come with shoulder straps you may or may not use. Multiway bras!

Check out my selection of 5 strapless bras for AA cups

6. My 9 favorite 34AA bras

woman in 34aa bra lulalu

34aa is the bra size I wear most of the time.

The best bra size for many Petites I know. My 9 personal 34aa favorites

7. Bikini’s tops for AAA-AA cups

woman wearing push up bikini top cup aa

It is quite a challenge to find a bikini top that will fit your AAA or AA cup.

See my selection of 10 bikini tops for small cups (with or without the push-up)

8. Adhesive bras for small breasts

woman wearing adhesive aa cup

While there is a wide range of adhesives on the market, the choice for us Petites is limited.

These sticky bras are suitable for Petites 6 adhesive bras A-AA cups

9. Alternatives for a braless day

Do you want to wear your bras less? Or maybe not wear a bra at all? Comfy is what we need, isn’t it? See my 6 bra alternatives

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Is there a question about your bra still unanswered? Please let me know. I’ll be happy to advise.

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