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Aaa cup bras

Bras in AAA cup are not a common size in shops around us. You won’t find this cup size in lingerie shops. Only online you’ll find aaa cup bras.

In the US there is actually one manufacturer with AAA cups in their collection.

aaa cup
The lightly padded bra from the Lulal Lu collection aaa – a cups


Lot’s of women don’t even know the existence of aaa cup bras. That’s ok if you maybe don’t need this size.

But knowing that a lot of women need an AAA cup bra and not wearing one at this moment is a shame.

How come a lot of potential aaa cup sized ladies no little or nothing about small sizes?
How will you know if you might be needing an AAA cup?
Or maybe a B, A or AA cup?


Why are AAA cup bras unknown to a lot of small breasted women?

  • lingerie shops that we visit don’t sell aaa cup, so we cannot try them easily and compare them
  • the same shop that we visit won’t be able to give a good advice for the smallest boobs
  • how can they if they don’t sell them, don’t know about them and work from a bra size chart without the smallest cup sizes
  • lots of small breasted women never enter a lingerie shop in first place, feeling we don’t belong here…
  • like all women, regardless of what size, we keep wearing what we are used to
  • even if we’re not happy with our bra, we keep wearing them (for years and years…)
  • not taking time to get into measuring ourselves and have a look at the sizes that are on the market


woman in pink bra
A well-fitted bra gives you confidence, you feel sexier and your clothes look at their best

Before I became a bra LOVER I wore only A cup bras. I was never very happy with my bras and didn’t actually like wearing one. Which is not strange, because a wrong size bra does not give you the right fit and therefore will not bring you confidence. It can make you feel insecure instead.


How do I know if I need an aaa cup bra?

Invest a little of your time and start taking your measurements. You will need to measure your underbust and your bust size. Please read more about taking your measurements on my page ‘bra size check’.

Why I never took the time to check my sizes? I don’t know. It seems so stupid now that I did not invest like 10 tot 20 minutes. It must be human to stick to something that isn’t good for you. Like a bad-fitted bra.

I have bras now in a size 36AAA. This is a good size for me. But I also have bras in 34AA and 34A. All of these sizes fit me just fine. Depending on a model and a brand, I choose deliberately different sizes.

Knowing your sizes and learning about possible sister sizes will change the way you shop for a bra.

Tell you, it is so good to be in control when shopping a bra. And there is no way back. Once you experienced a well-fitted bra you certainly don’t want to go back. 


Where can I find AAA cup bras in the US?

In the US there is one online shop Lula Lu, that sells cup aaa. The founder and owner of Lula Lu is Ellen Shing.

Lula Lu specializes in sizes 32AAA – 38AAA, 30AA to 38AA, 30A – 38A and, prior to selecting the styles, they test all of their products on small-busted fit models.
About the definition of ‘petite’ they say:
‘For the definition of “petite,” the industry definition is that of a woman who is 5’ 4″ or under. We find this definition both too broad, as it does not address the size of a woman’s frame, and too height restrictive because there are women, for example, who are 5′ 10,” who wear a size 4 and have a small frame and bust size. Lula Lu selected sizes 30AA to 38A and dress sizes 0 to 8 to provide a focus for our definition of petite lingerie.’


AAA cup bras in the UK
Specifically designed for women in 28 to 40 AA, A and B cups, as well as an exclusive range of AAA bras, sized 32 to 40.
Their small bras are available in cup sizes from AAAA, AAA, AA, A and B cups, in bust sizes 28 to 46 and with matching lingerie in sizes 6 to 18.
aaa – b cups


Pages you’ll find on

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My top 3 favorite petite bra shops


Amazon – wide range in aaa – b cups

petite bras amazon

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Third Love invented half-cup sizing, cups aa – k, including a½, b½, c½


 Half-cup sized BRAS
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