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In this AAA guide, you’ll find just what you’re looking for. Some beautiful AAA cup bras!

Why AAA can be hard to find?

I believe we could fill up a whole new planet with AAA cup sized women. The days are gone having to wear an A cup bra just because there aren’t any smaller bra cups on the market.

Why are AAA cups missed by women who actually might need this bra size?

  • lingerie shops that we visit don’t sell AAA cups, so we simply cannot try them
  • the same shop that we visit won’t be able to give us advice for the smallest boobs
  • you may have heard (from other women!) the comment ‘why should you be wearing a bra anyway for having that small boobs’ 6 reasons why small boobs deserve a fine bra »
  • lots of small-breasted women never enter a lingerie shop in the first place, feeling we don’t belong here… (which we indeed do not)
  • like all women, regardless of what size, we sometimes keep wearing what we are used to, even if it’s the wrong bra size for us
  • we do not take time to measure ourselves
  • we do not check our measurements in a bra size chart or a bra calculator that includes all small cup sizes

It is important to realize that only a slightly different measurement can change your bra size altogether. It can well be your bad-fitted 40A might actually have to change to 42AA, 42AAA or 40B. That’s how close sizes can be.

What’s the difference between an A, AA, and AAA cup?

woman in pink bra small cup
Cup sizes AAA, AA & A are close together

I used to wear A cup bras for a long time. During my work in my online lingerie store, I learned about bra sizing. I measured women around me helping them to find their best bra size.

I also measured myself and finally found a bra size chart with small cups.

The bra size I wear the most is 34AA. But I also have bras in 36AAA and 34A. All of these sizes fit me just fine. Depending on a model and a brand, I choose a different size sometimes.

I couldn’t call myself a bra lover years ago. How could I? Not wearing right the bra sizes?

Once you experience a well-fitted bra you certainly don’t want to go back. 

AAA cup shopping guide

The brands Lulalu and Little Women are the only brands that sell AAA cups.

Although this may seem a little for all those women wearing AAA cups. But you do not need to worry. Their collections are just… wonderful, from basic, lacy & more sexy styles.

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aaa cup bra lula lu
From the collection AAA cups Lula Lu Petites

Lula Lu is the only lingerie company in the USA selling all the smallest cup sizes. Lula Lu makes AAA, AA, A cup bras in band sizes 30-38. 

We always put comfort first. All of our designs receive the highest levels of attention, care and testing to ensure a perfect, gapless fit, without excessive padding. Source: lulalu.com

You can shop Lula Lu Lingerie at lulalu.com

Little Women

From the Little Women collection A, AA, AAA cups

Specifically designed for women in 28 to 40 AA, A and B cups, as well as an exclusive range of AAA bras, sized 32 to 40. 

At Little Women, you’ll find a selection of small bras from Triumph, Royce, Silhouette, Maison Lejaby, After Eden and Boobs & Bloomers.

Little Women also has a wonderful collection of their own Little Women Bras. Lots of AAA cups in bands 32-42.

Before I became a bra LOVER I wore only A cup bras. I was never very happy with my bras and didn’t actually like wearing one. This is not strange, because a wrong size bra does not give you the right fit and therefore will not bring you confidence. It can make you feel insecure instead.

A well-fitted bra gives you confidence. Sure thing. Do you have any doubts about your bra size? Please check out the bra size chart for small cup sizes or use our bra size calculator.

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