Amoena bras and the benefits for small cups

Amoena bras 

Amoena bras are specially designed for women who have had breast surgery. The pocketed cups of all Amoena bras can accommodate a breast form or shaper.

But as Amoena states ‘any woman can wear a pocketed or mastectomy bra — she doesn’t have to have had breast surgery to benefit from the bra as the comfort features have a universal appeal’.


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  • Can I wear Amoena bras just for being petite?
  • What sizes do Amoena bras come in?
  • What are the special features of this bra?
  • Where to shop online for Amoena bras?

Amoena bras for small breasts

As I mentioned before you don’t have to have had breast surgery to benefit from the bra. The pocketed cups have a universal appeal.

So yes, although the bra is designed for women that had breast surgery, it is also worn by women who have maybe naturally uneven breasts. And by women with small boobs who choose to wear pocketed cups.

Amoena bras cup sizes AA – H

Amoena bras can be worn by all women – whether you need a bilateral, left, right or non-pocketed bra

The smallest cup size available is a cup size AA. Ideal for women with a small bra size, like AAA, AA and A.

Band sizes go up to 50.

As the cups of the Amoena bra can be filled up with a breast insert separately, a lot of women with naturally uneven breasts wear an Amoena bra. 
The breast insert looks like a breast, is the same color and shape, can come in different skin colors and sizes, and can fit into any supportive bra.

What are the bra’s special features?

Amoena was the first to produce a new generation of breast forms. They were the first ever to use silicone. Cornelius Rechenberg the founder of Amoena aimed to develop a breast form as natural as a real breast.

  • No underwire: Soft-cup, or wire-free bras, don’t have any underwire. The myth about underwire bras and cancer has been widely discredited, but some wires can irritate scar tissue or sensitive skin after surgery.
  • Padded cups: In addition to the pockets, some bra cups include light padding that can create a smooth look, which can be of particular benefit where there may be uneven tissue remaining after surgery.
  • Center front and underband: Stability features like the center front and wide underband help the bra stay in place, and can cover scar tissue.
  • Supportive side seams: Wider side seams under the arms can help hide scar tissue, and add support to the bra all the way around.
  • Comfortable straps: Wider, padded shoulder straps are more comfortable for most women, and many mastectomy bras feature them.

Where to shop for Amoena?

Amazon sells a wide range of the collection of Amoena. If you’re looking for Amoena bras for small cups, just select your size. Amazon shows you all the models available in your size. 

Have a look at for the whole collection. Their website is packed with helpful information and articles. 

If you want to be on the mailing list, you can join Club Amoena.

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»Amazon show me all Amoena bras 


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