How women really feel about their breasts

Women’s breasts are unique

Nature did this. 

And this may sound so very obvious and normal. And it is.

But how do we women really feel about our breasts? Are we happy with them? Or maybe not? Do we feel proud? Or not? Do we share our feelings about our boobs with other women?

Should we maybe share it more with other women? Maybe you do already. That’s a good thing. 

Having small boobs I didn’t feel I could or wanted to share it with others. It would bring to much attention to my little ones. And this was something I rather avoided.

These days I’m a petite bra LOVER. I think it is a good thing this sharing. And not feeling awkward about it. Yeh, I’m enjoying my uniqueness…

The work of  Laura Dodsworth in her book Bare reality  – tell you more about it in this blog – is a great work. It is a truly liberating work. I loved it. 


Don’t let any size put you down

Years ago my small boobs made me feel unique all right. But as I told you, this was not a positive feeling.

I felt alone.

It seemed to me that every woman around me had bigger boobs.

It was a time the internet wasn’t alive yet and cup A was the smallest cup size available. This didn’t help. Little did I know.

I compared myself (a lot) to other women. It is what we women tend to do. Don’t we? And that’s ok. But only as long as it doesn’t put yourself down I think. If you do this to yourself, please stop!

If you don’t know the work of Laura Dodsworth please read on and watch the video. She’s published an amazing book about women and their breasts.


Women’s breasts are unique by Laura Dodsworth

I think every woman (and man) should know the work of Laura Dodsworth.

Laura spent two years photographing and interviewing 100 women about the breasts, bodies and lives.

photo of Laura Dodsworth
Laura Dodsworth


In her book Bare Reality, 100 women bravely share un-airbrushed photographs of their breasts alongside honest, courageous, powerful and humorous stories about their breasts and their lives.

I have a short video about ‘Bare Reality’ for you to watch.


Women from all walks of life took part, aged from 19 to 101, sized AAA to K, from a Buddhist nun to a burlesque dancer.

Their perspectives and experiences are revealing and profoundly moving. Intimate, visually refreshing, maybe even surprising,

Bare Reality will make you reconsider how you think and feel about your own body and those of the women in your life.

Bare Reality donates £1.00 from every book sold to Breast Cancer UK, a charity which is dedicated to the primary prevention of breast cancer by reducing public exposure to the carcinogenic and hazardous chemicals linked to the disease.

You can buy the book on Click here for the link the book Bare Reality by Laura Dodsworth


Women’s breasts are unique, just look around you

A few years ago I started to learn about bra sizing. It was the time I owned an online lingerie store. To check my bra size chart I measured at first four women in my neighborhood. These women all had different body sizes. And different bra sizes, varying from AA to K cup.

Just picture some women you know. Sure they all will be unique.

The book of Laura Dodsworth gave me a reality check. Just that. I loved it for that.

You might have the smallest boobs around, or maybe the biggest. Or…

Really, how important is it? The constant attention of the media to ‘perfect bodies and boobs’ can easily distract us. But it won’t change the fact that women’s breasts are unique. 


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