A Braless Day | 6 Light Alternatives for Your Bra

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Do you want to wear your bras less? Or maybe not wear a bra at all? Comfy is what we need, isn’t it? See my 6 bra alternatives

woman wearing tank top with alternative bra

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Why do we wear our bras less?

If there was a period when the braless movement had a boost, it was during the last years when dealing with lockdowns.

Many of us worked from home (and still do). There weren’t many trips or just people coming to visit.

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At home, I like to be comfortable with clothing, and also when it comes to my lingerie. It has to feel comfortable. Doesn’t it?

A braless life, and the possible pros and cons, have our attention. Many interesting thoughts and stories are shared online.

Some research mentions that wearing no bra might actually be a good thing for your breasts.

Maybe you wear no bras at all. Or maybe you wear one almost every day.

What about that day on which you would like some light and comfy support? Here are my 6 alternatives for braless days.

6 Alternatives for a bra

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1. Find the right bra size

Sorry, I have to mention bra sizing first. I meet many women who wear the wrong-sized bra. This can never be comfortable. I started a bra calculator to invite women to measure and discover their best size (or sizes!).

I never liked bras, until I found my best bra size. I now like to shop for bras and love trying different styles. That includes some light alternatives for the regular bra.

2. Go for a sticky bra

adhesive bra alternative regular bra

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When you wear an adhesive bra, there are no bra bands and straps to deal with. Lovely!

Image the lightless feeling.

See collection Adhesive on Amazon.com

I never expected this, but a sticky bra does give good support. And it does provide a natural lift.

Many women – like me – wear adhesive bras as one of their basic bras.

3. Discover 100% soft cotton bras

woman wearing 100% cotton bra organic

Collection 100% Cotton | See HerRoom

Organic cotton is grown without using toxic pesticides.

  • A way to protect cotton is the use of insects instead of pesticides.
  • And it is harvested by hand, not by machines.
woman in cotton bra soft feel

Collection 100% Cotton | See HerRoom

Silk is known as ‘The Queen of Textile Fibres’. And that’s why it is the softest material ever. Even better, some brands use silk in their bras. How wonderful is that? See 8 silk bras

4. Wear nothing, just cover your nipples

nipple covers adhesive for a braless day

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You’re not wearing a bra but want no nipple see-through?

A simple twist is adding some nipple covers made of silicone

dark brown nipple covers bra alternative

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If you are looking for some light nipple coverage to get that no-see-through look, try some disposable nipple covers

5. Wear a tank with a built-in bra

woman wearing tank top with built in shelf bra

Tank tops with built-in bras | See Amazon

It’s magic really, having to wear a tank top with a built-in bra. This is all about comfort and support all in one.

Super easy camisole to wear for any occasion really.

plus sizze women wearing cotton top with built in bra

I wear this style often on hot days. Great to wear around the house or in the garden. You don’t need to change when visitors might drop by.

model showing white cami built in bra

Tank tops with built-in bras | See Amazon

6. Go for strapless

model in pepper bra light strapless bra

Pepper Bra AA-B cups | See Amazon

Do you have a smaller cup, like AAA or AA? See my selection of 5 Strapless Bras Small Cups

A strapless bra offers good support. Do realize that the most support from a bra comes from its band. I love this bra and not having the straps digging into my shoulders.

strapless multi way bra

Wacoal Women’s Red Carpet Strapless Bra | C-H cups

Many strapless bras are multi-way, meaning you can wear the bra with or without the straps. 

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