Bra cup size A too big for many women. This is why!

Bra cup size A too big for many women.

Bra cup size A too big?

It is a fact that women with all kind of breast sizes can be wearing a wrong bra size at the moment. Stories on the internet keep telling us this.

And I must say. It is quite true.

Measuring other women I found out that an average of 2 out of 4 women is wearing a wrong size bra.

woman in lula lu racerback bra

What did I find out about the women with cup A especially? Tell you, this blog is totally biographical… 


Bra cup size A too big for many women, how come?

  • we never really questioning our bra size (even when we feel uncomfortable wearing our bras)
  • thinking a cup A is the smallest cup available 
  • getting the wrong advice, because shops usually do not sell AA and AAA cups
  • accepting a bad-fitted bra and not take time to get into the mater (the matter of bra sizing)
  • having a too low self-esteem and thinking ‘this must be the best there is for me’

cup a bra too large for many women

It is very understandable for any women not to wear a well-fitted bra. We are just humans and can have a tendency to hold on to something (and not take action) that isn’t good for us. Like a bad-fitted bra.

So instead of the 75 A you’re wearing right now, you might need a 75AA, a 70B or a 80AA or a 80AAA. Really?

Yes, I’m talking about sister sizes here.

It all starts with choosing your band size first. Some women are in between two band sizes and might have more options to choose from. The only way to find out is to try different sizes for yourself.

If you’re questioning your cup A bra size at this moment (or any other cup size) take just 5 minutes of your time.

Promise it will tell you a lot. Just 5 minutes.


Bra cup size A too big for me? How will I know?

I’ve listed some points for you to score yourself. 

  • put on your bra and have a look in the mirror, how does it look?
  • does it really look good?
  • does it feel comfortable?
  • does its elastics fiber support your breast firmly, but still in a comfortable way?
  • do you feel your bra the whole day? Not in a nice way…
  • are you touching your bra a lot during the day (to keep it in place)?
  • will the bra make your clothes stand out?
  • do you feel confident wearing your bra?
  • do you feel womanly?

Just by answering these questions yourself I’m sure you will know how well your bra is fitted. If you are not happy and do not call yourself a bra lover (just yet), you will have to do a bra size check.  


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