Bra small size

Bra small size

A bra small size is a bra for the smaller breasts. But how small is small? What small bra sizes can we find in stores and online?

It is my mission for every small breasted woman to become a bra LOVER.

bra small size
Petite women need grown-up bras

Maybe you’re happy with the bras you wear and you already know how to shop for a petite bra size. That’s great.

For many years I certainly could not call myself a bra lover. Having a petite bra size didn’t help.

I believe in a well-fitted bra for every woman, whether she is petite, medium or plus-sized breasted. We women with a smaller cup size need a bra like any other women.

Read more about 6 reasons why we deserve a fine bra ». We sure are no little girls. That’s that.

Do your breasts need a smaller bra cup size? Or do you think you might need one of the smaller cup sizes, but never really tried? You are not really sure if you need an AAA, AA, A or maybe a B cup?

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How come many petites wear a wrong size bra?

  • like any woman, it can have become a habit to stick to something that is no longer good for us, like a badly fitted bra
  • we settle for the bra size that we are used to wearing for years now, thinking this must be the best there is for us
  • having small breasts, there is a bigger chance to choose the wrong size because of the lack of knowledge and information in shops and on the internet
  • most bra size charts have not listed the smaller cups, like AA and AAA cups
  • because we have small boobs we tend to avoid lingerie stores
  • the stores usually do not carry – or only very little – the smallest cup sizes and we get easily suggested a wrong size as well

During the time I had my own online lingerie store, I started learning quickly about bra sizing. I wanted to give my customers the best of advice. So I taught myself the theory of bra sizing and started practicing.

Bra small size – more than 60% of women wear a wrong size bra

That is what researches tell us. You probably read about this kind of percentage. Or an even higher one.

I always thought this percentage to be a bit high. But after measuring other women (and myself) I found out I was wrong.

band size of a bra too wide
Many women wear a wrong size bra

The first four women I measured where some friends and my own mother. Three of the four women were NOT wearing the right bra size. These women had all different body and breasts sizes, varying from a cup size AA to D.

The women themselves felt their bad fitted bra and saw it every day in the mirror.

As I mentioned before.

It must be so human to stick to a bra that doesn’t fit. 

Or may never have fitted you. Sometimes we stick to something that is not good for us. And that’s a shame I think. Because it may only take 10 to 20 minutes to learn a bit about bra sizing and measure your own sizes. 

Bra small size, how small is a small bra size?

Well. It depends on your perspective.

Some people call an A cup small, some might even say the same about a B or C cup.

In the media boobs only seem to get bigger. In reality, it may be the case.


There are lots of women with smaller boobs. Lots. This is what nature is all about. No woman is the same. None of our boobs are the same. Women’s breasts come in all shapes and sizes.

women all kind of breast shapes
We come in all shapes & sizes. It’s a thing of nature.

Shouldn’t a small bra be as small as small as our boobs get? Yes! Read more about the smallest bras online »

You won’t find the smallest bra size in the lingerie shop near your place. And that’s ok because we live in the age of the internet.

But I find there is still a lot unknown if it comes to picking the right bra size, especially if you have small boobs. I meet a lot of women who wear A and B cups but really need a smaller cup size.

Please know that cup sizes AAAA, AAA, AA, and A are on the lingerie market. Some designers do care and started their lingerie business out of their own needs and the needs of many petite breasted women around them.

How do we really feel about our breasts?

Nature comes in all shapes and sizes. In this light, I want to mention the work of Laura Dodsworth. She published her book Bare Reality, an amazing book about women and their breasts.

Laura spent two years photographing and interviewing 100 women about the breasts, bodies and lives. Women from all walks of life took part, aged from 19 to 101, sized AAA to K, from a Buddhist nun to a burlesque dancer.

book of Laura Dodsworth

You can check out her book on Amazon »

All women are unique. So are our body sizes and so are our breasts. Sure thing. But how do we really feel about them?

Read more on How do women really feel about their breasts »

Brasforsmallcups is all about women with a petite bra size

My journey of becoming a bra LOVER is what I love to share with other petite women. 

Every lingerie minded woman is so very welcome to read my blogs. I believe every woman deserves a well-fitted bra. Whether she is a petite, medium or plus size girl.

Really enjoying your bra (and the rest of your lingerie) is only going to work if you’re wearing the right bra size.

Do you have any doubts about your size at this moment? Go to the page ‘Bra size check’ and learn how to measure yourself.

how to measure bra size
Knowing your sizes is essential

Bra small size – why measuring yourself is that important

It is good to realize that only a slight difference in measurement can change your bra size. Especially if you are in between two sizes, it good well mean you have to try different sizes.

I own 3 different bra sizes – 34AA, 34A and 36AAA – and they all fit me just fine.

Depending on the brand and bra style you too might have to try different sizes.

Really only after learning about bra sizing » I knew what sizes to try. I no longer own some bras. I started actually to love wearing them. Why? Because for the first time in my life I had a well-fitted bra.

Once you experience a well-fitted bra you never want to go back. Only a well-fitted bra will make you feel good. Your clothes look better, you feel better, sexier…

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Is there a question about your bra still unanswered? Please let me know. I’ll be happy to advise.

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