Bras for crossdressers

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As a crossdresser looking for a bra, you can go natural and wear a lacy bralette. Or go for a pocket bra specially designed for crossdressing.

bra for a crossdresser
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Lingerie tips for men

Many men (but certainly not all) will find little difference between the band size and the cup size, so it will be up to personal choice. Besides the bra size chart, you may want to consider the fruit method to help with your decision.

Half lemon – A cup
Half orange – B cup
Half grapefruit – C cup
Half melon – D cup

Are you looking for cup-sized women’s bras because you do have boobs and/or maybe want to use breast forms in it?
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Bralettes for crossdressing

If you want a natural look, meaning no added cleavage, the bralette is your style of bra.

Bralettes have lots of sexy lace in their designs, some are with ruffles. Bralettes have no wire and are usually not padded.

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Pocket bras for crossdressing

Are you looking for cleavage? Your choice of bra then would be a pocket bra. A pocket bra can be used with full silicone breast forms. The bras have underwire to support the weight of the breast forms.

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Crossdresser breast forms

What do crossdresser breast forms do?

  • they create the best of cleavage
  • create a natural feeling and
  • natural-looking bounce

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Bras for crossdressers are popular for obvious reasons. They are designed for a more masculine body and their details are still feminine. I would say very feminine.

Your personal preferences will influence your choice of bra. But of course, your mood and the occasion play a big role in it. For every crossdresser, there is a style of bra that will bring out just you in your best version of that moment.

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