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Bras for sagging breasts

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The pull of gravity affects all of us, whether we have smaller or bigger boobs. Genetics do their share as well. Causes of breasts sagging

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What causes breasts to sag?

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Just by aging (as we all do) and the fact that breast tissue is gradually losing elasticity.

But, of course, many other causes may have an impact on the firmness of our boobs.

Causes for your boobs to sag:

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  • during menopause nature makes sure we lose more and more elasticity in the skin
  • the more breast tissue you have compared to fat tissue the less chance of drooping
  • genetics
  • you’ve lost weight (again)
  • you’ve gained weight (again)
  • fluctuations in weight can cause extreme stretching of the breasts
  • your breasts changed after given childbirth and breastfeeding your child
  • you’ve had an operation on one or two of your breasts

How to measure sagging breasts?

Ask yourself 3 simple questions:

1. Are you happy with your bra looking in the mirror?
2. Does your bra feel good on you during the day?
3. Is the bra giving you confidence and does it make your clothes look good?

If all three answers are a no, you should (only) take a couple of minutes to get to know your sizes again.

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Start with measuring your under-bust. Take the band size closest to your measurements.

The measuring of your cup size should be done over the fullest part of your breast. And this is where you should pay extra attention.

measuring bra cup size

Whilst measuring sagging breasts you can:

  • wear a well-fitted non-padded bra
  • bend over so your boobs are hanging down at 90 degrees
  • ask a friend to help if you feel you need some assistance

Measure a couple of times and write down the outcomes. Get yourself trained and experienced just by measuring again and again (if needed).

measure sagging breasts

One more important thing!

If you have small boobs, be sure to have a look at a small bra size chart.

Be aware that a lot of size charts do not have AAA and AA cups in their size table.

Realize that bra sizes can be very close together. You too have a bra sister size.

For example, bras 40B, 38C, and 42A all have the same cup volume. Depending on the brand you might wanna change between sizes sometimes.

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Best bras for saggy breasts

woman in a sportsbra doing yoga

I believe that a well-fitted bra will turn any woman into a bra lover.

Some characteristics of pendulous boobs include soft breast tissue that’s fuller at the bottom of the breast and much shallower at the top.

Check out the Herroom video for all styles you should look for (and which not).

Having saggy breasts will make you look for bra styles that give support and lift. You will need cups that give you enough upper breast coverage.

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As seen in the video bra features to look for are:

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