What to look for when buying a bra for your tween daughter

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Cloe and Jessica landed Apricotton, a Toronto-based teen bra band that helps girls across Canada and the US. They design bras tailored to every girl’s body type so that they can grow as she grows.

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What should I look for in a first bra for my tween?

What better way than to highlight their lovely teen brand in this article written by one of their team members Elizabeth Casciaro.

Although it may seem like a very direct process, there are actually two main factors to consider when buying your daughter’s first bra.

Keeping these two factors in mind when deciding what to purchase will help ensure that whatever your decision, your tween is as comfortable and confident in her bra as possible.

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Make sure the bra is adjustable and a good fit

Although this may sound like a no-brainer, many bras actually miss the mark here and aren’t designed to properly support a growing body. Thankfully, Apricotton has remedied this problem as our bra line is designed to grow as your daughter grows.

Apricotton bras are made with stretchy material, so the bras have room to stretch throughout puberty. This way, your daughter can own a bra that will last her for years.

Ensure that the bra provides maximum comfort

Looking back on going through puberty yourself, it might not come as a surprise to you that some tweens are nervous about wearing their first bra. And wearing an uncomfortable bra makes the situation worse. Comfort is essential in a first bra.

Apricotton bras avoid uncomfortable underwires and instead, opt for an elastic band. Along with moisture-wicking fabric to ensure your daughter feels dry even on the warmest of days or during the most intense sports sessions.

What are the best types of training bras for tweens and teens?

1. Training bra

A very basic training bra is the most essential bra that every tween needs when starting puberty.

With this need in mind, Apricotton has designed the Perfect Bra, an elevated version of the training bra. Although they’re designed with 9–14-year-olds in mind, all ages are welcome to try them out!

The Perfect Bra is designed to help tweens get used to wearing their first training bra, as it has removable padding and can easily be put on over the head like a t-shirt. Along with these features, Apricotton’s easy-to-use size guide helps girls figure out what size is right for them.

2. Sports Bras

Artemis Sports Bra

As so many tweens are physically active, another important bra to own is a sports bra. It’s important for tweens to wear a sports bra during physical activity because the extra support ensures that the ligaments in their breasts don’t become damaged.

Apricotton’s Perfect Sports Bra and Artemis Sports Bra (along with all Apricotton bras) are made with moisture-wicking material, ensuring sweat control even during the most intense workouts. Both bras also feature a stretchable elastic band in place of an underwire, which ensures maximum comfort and flexibility.

3. Bralettes

Perfect Bralette

Many tweens enjoy wearing bralettes since the different designs and styles available can feel more exciting than traditional bras, providing motivation to actually wear one.

Apricotton’s Perfect Bralette is a great option for a tween training bralette as it’s stylish and easy to put on, and its one-hook design was made to easily help girls learn how to properly put on a bra.

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