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Do the bra size check

Do you feel totally fine with your bra size? That’s great. You won’t need a bra size check.

About an average of more than 60% of women does not wear the right bra size.

  • Why is it important to measure your bra size regularly?
  • How can you measure your own bra size?
  • And should you do the measuring yourself?
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Most women need a change of bra size

Bra size check – why measure regularly?

Our body and also the size of our breasts can change during life.

Maybe some of us will have little to no change and keep their body proportions most of their lives. For others, the changes can be often and they need a different bra size several times in their life.

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Your bra size may change several times

This is why we may need to change our bra size

  • we gain weight
  • we lose weight
  • and then again…
  • through menopause, our breasts and body may change
  • our breasts changed in size after given childbirth and breastfeeding
  • our breasts change as we get older
  • they may be bigger, smaller, sagg more
  • we have had maybe surgery on one or both of our breasts

If you have small boobs there is something you might not have realized before.

Many women with smaller breasts may not ever have had a properly fitted bra in their lives before.

I meet a lot of petite women wearing a cup A, that isn’t right for them. Many need an AAA or AA cup. But it could well be they need a B cup.

If you know what sizes you are, you will be a better shopper. Just to know what you should be looking for will take you maybe 10 to 20 minutes. This is the time you need for your measurements. And to look up your bra size in a size chart.

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Small breasts sag too

The pull of gravity works on any size of breasts. On small breasts as well.

Gravity is just one cause that may have its effect on your breasts to sag in some way. The shape and size of your breast tissue may easily have changed.

Not knowing your actual bra body sizes may result in wearing a bad-fitted bra. And this is never a nice feeling. A little bit of your time can turn you into a bra lover again. How to measure saggy breasts »

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Bra size check – how to measure your bra size

Always look for bra advice that is specially written and made for women with smaller breasts. If you have an AA or AAA cup size you do need a size chart that includes the small cup sizes.

To determine your bra size you need to take 2 measurements.

photo on how to measure band size
Measure the under bust, write down the inches or centimeters
photo on how to measure cup size
Measure the fulles part of your bust, write down the inches or centimeters

Read more about how to measure your band size at home >>

Then go to the size chart that I have for you, the one that includes the small cup sizes! Look for the size that is closest to your measurements.

What if I’m in between two bra sizes?

There is only one way to find out. Try both sizes. Sometimes you could fit two different sizes. Decide over time what your preferences are.

I own bras in 34A, 34AA and 36AAA and the bras all fit me just fine.

Depending on the brand and the model of the bra I deliberately choose different sizes. Always remember that when going up or down a band size, your cup size will change too.

Bras in 34A and 36A do not have the same cup size. The bras 34A and 36AA do have the same cup size. They are called sister sizes.

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Is there a question about your bra still unanswered? Please let me know. I’ll be happy to advise.

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