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How to hand wash bras?

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It’s best to think of your bra as a delicate treasure. That is if we want to enjoy its elastic fiber as long as possible.

Should you wash bras by hand?

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Al clean bra is a supporting bra

Bras and washing machines don’t go that well together. This is what all lingerie experts, by the way, agree upon.

The elastic fibers in your bra should be cleaned often to keep its strength. But the washing should be done with care because the fibers are delicate and can easily be damaged.

So before you decide on buying a new bra, you might ask yourself:

How to handwash a padded bra?

  • use lukewarm water
  • use a soft soap, detergent-free
  • rinse your bra after washing in cool water, it shocks the elastane and gets back into shape

Gently massage the cups of your bras between the top of your fingers.

How often should you wash your bra?

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Instead of what we might think “I will save my bras from too much washing”, it is important to wash your bras regularly.

A wash helps the elastic fabric to regain its strength. The cold water will give the elastic fibres a shock effect, so the bra can regain its shape.

Well, if you have been sweaty on a day you might feel of washing it right away. Maybe it’s fine to wear your bra for a couple of days. It’s best to wash a bra after 2 or 3 days max.

Do not wear the same bra every day but rotate between your bras. This way, a bra can have a rest. Yes, it does need a rest. A rest from the warmth of your skin. The elasticity reacts to the warmth and gradually will lose a little of its elasticity. By resting the bra it will regain the elasticity.

Also, the bra needs to be cleaned from body sweat. Depending on the day, hot or cold. Depending on your stress level that day, any bra on any woman is having direct contact with our bare skin.

Remember: a clean bra will have a longer life and will keep its elasticity longer.

How to dry your bra?

a bra drying on a rack
Let your bra dry in the air

Heat is bad for a bra so don’t even consider hanging it over rads or any direct source of heat. Doing a hand wash will leave the bras soaked with water.

  • Use your hands gently to take out most of the water.
  • Don’t wring the bra.
  • Gently pat dry.

You can lay your washed bras on a towel. The towel will take on most of the water. I usually leave it for a few hours.

After dripping most of the water on a towel you can lay the bra flat on a drying rack. Or maybe hang it over a drying rack.

Does your bra feel comfortable and does it support you just right? Yes? That’s great. If not, you may just need a new bra to replace the old one just because you’ve been wearing and caring for it for a pretty long time.

Or you may need a different bra size altogether. See our Bra Size Guide for all tips on measuring yourself »

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