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AAA cup bras Lula Lu

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AAA cup bras Lula Lu Petites

AAA cup bras Lula Lu are a true heaven on earth for women with small boobs. Not only AAA cups, but also AA and A cups. 

Yes! Finally, a lingerie company focused only on women with small breasts.

So many women have small boobs. But because big boobs get a lot of attention, you might feel you’re the only one searching for a well-fitted bra for your petite ones. Well you’re not.

Years ago there was no internet and small women had to go to lingerie stores where the smallest size is usually an A cup. For many women with small breasts, the lingerie store was something you would rather avoid (and just keep on wearing your bad-fitted bras). Thank you online shopping!

I tell you a little bit about the philosophy at Lula Lu before I show 
you some lovely AAA cup sized bras from their collection (mind you all the models are available also for your AA or A cup).

How will you know if you need an AAA cup bra? Please read my advice for AAA sized women if you like to know more. 

The philosophy behind Lula Lu 

Although any bra from there collection is so well designed, it basically comes down to your personal taste. 

Lula Lu Petites’ bras are designed to flatter the curves of small busted women, regardless of height.

At Lula Lu, we believe small is beautiful and that small-busted women should have bras that truly fit their body type, that don’t gap or pucker and isn’t meant for a child’s body. Plus, we want all of our petite customers to look amazing in their outfits, feeling the confidence they deserve!

We know petite gals crave to have many of the same bra options that other women have.  Lula Lu’s goal is to seek out beautiful and comfortable lingerie that not only fits the smaller busted figure but is flattering as well.

Lula Lu specializes in sizes 32AAA – 38AAA, 30AA to 38AA, 30A – 38A and, prior to selecting our styles, we test all of our products on small-busted fit models to ensure that the products have a desired fit along with style and quality.

  • Soft Microfiber with Lace Trim
  • Light padding with small bump pad, very natural looking push-up bra
  • Underwire styling with straps that can convert to X-back
  • Feel more confident in all of your tops, T-shirts and dresses
  • No more embarrassing trips to the little girls’ department
  • A customer favorite for the cup shape and comfortable materials

AAA cup bras Lula Lu – the Wireless Bra aaa – a cups 

  • T-shirt bra with a natural profile, wireless styling and removable foam cups for modesty
  • Soft, organic cotton that is perfect for everyday wear and sensitive skin
  • Triangle shaped cups that flatter small busts and easy to wear with low cut tops
  • Feel comfortable and confident in all of your tops, T-shirts and dresses
  • No more embarrassing trips to the little girls’ department

AAA cup bras Lula Lu – the Essential T-shirt Bra aaa – a cups 


  • Natural shape with underwire styling and light padding
  • Avoid cup gapping with Lula Lu bras, which are extensively fit tested on small busted women
  • Feel more confident in all of your tops, T-shirts and dresses
  • Experience the bra that moves with your body and compliments your bust
  • Soft, comfortable microfiber for everyday wear

Where to buy your Lula Lu bra?

You can find their collection on their online shop At Herroom they sell their basic collection (like the ones I showed you above).

Go to bra size calculator and determine your best bra size

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