The Maidenform bra is truly iconic

The Maidenform bra 

They say on the internet the Maidenform bra is most suited for small-to-average sized boobs.

But are Maidenform bras designed for small cups, like AA? Get back on this further on in this blog. 


In the 1920’s the founders of Maidenform, Ida and William Rosenthal and Enid Bissett, revolutionized the way women presented themselves. Till then, fashion-focused on a boyish silhouette. Bras were typically a bandeau style meant to flatten breasts.

ida rosenthal
Ida Kaganovich Rosenthal founder of Maidenform, Inc.

Realizing that women would look better with a more natural womanly silhouette, they constructed the first of the bra styles that we know today. Two distinct cups separated by an elastic center piece.

Today Maidenform is a market leader in women’s lingerie, selling in countries worldwide.


The Maidenform bra originated as an accessory

The firm survived both the Great Depression and Bisset’s retirement. By the end of the 1930s, department stores across the country and around the world were selling Maidenform bras.

The Maidenform bra originated as an accessory to improve the fit of the dresses they sold. But it became so popular that they began to sell it separately. Their product was a major improvement over previous bras because they used cups that supported and conformed to the breasts. Rather than flattening them as had been the Flapper style (known as the “Boyish Form”).

Under Ida and her husband’s leadership, Maidenform made many other advancements. Maidenform was the first company to sell maternity bras. William invented a standard for cup sizes. In 1942, Ida received a patent for an adjustable fastener. During this time Maidenform was also known for its racy newspaper ads featuring underwear models and its advertising slogan “I dreamed… in a Maidenform Bra.”

Maidenform’s Dream Campaign

Don’t you just love these vintage ads? It was a big campaign Maidenform created in the 1950s and 60s.

maidenform bra

The I Dreamed campaign covered everything from women in politics to art and history to downright silliness. Both their marketing campaigns and their design teams have always been progressive.

Starting in the 1970’s Maidenform aimed at a younger customer base with less structured bras and color-coordinated collections. 


If you know the series ‘Mad Men’ you can’t be surprised that the designer of Man Men, Janie Bryant included a Maidenform advertising campaign during a season of Mad Men. 

I was inspired to look at some of Maidenform’s iconic ads for my book, The Fashion File. Upon our initial meeting, we had shared passions in everything intimate apparel and the rest is history. Whether you call it underpinnings, foundations, intimate apparel or lingerie, undergarments influence so much in fashion. They determine how you walk, stand, and the way your clothing looks.”


The Maidenform bra for small breasts 

Maidenform smallest cup size is cup A. But as the cups run a bit small they are great for women who are in between AA and A cup. If you have a larger AA cup size this is a brand you might like.

Maidenform Girls Bras are made with a smaller women/teen in mind. Especially the basic ones, like in nude or black are a good choice for grown-ups too. 

Just look at the bra you like and scroll down to read the Amazon reviews. Really good information from other petite women that will surely help you when shopping for a Maidenform bra. 

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