Mastectomy bras

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After breast surgery, a comfy bra made of soft materials is what you want during recovery and afterwards.

Post-surgery bra and swimwear guide

  1. Mastectomy sports bras
  2. Post-surgery front-closure fastening bras
  3. 6 Organic cotton bras | 88% to 100% cotton
  4. Pima cotton bras
  5. 10 Mastectomy swimsuits
  6. 8 Mastectomy tankinis

1. Mastectomy sports bras

Handful Women’s Adjustable Sports Bra with Removable Pads, Versatile Workout Bras | See details at

In the photos, Cary, on the left, is double flat with three sets of pads on each side. Darlene, on the right, has had a right side mastectomy and uses the Handful pad pocket to hold her silicone prosthetic (source

See my selection of 6 popular mastectomy sports bras with and without pockets »

2. Post-surgery front-closure fastening bras

Fruit of the Loom Comfort Front Close Sports Bra with Mesh Straps Bra 34-48 | See details at

After breast surgery, you’ll surely need a comfy bra that feels soft on your skin and protects you just right.

A bra with a front closure is easy to put on as your mobility might be limited. Check out these 5 popular front-closure bras »

3. Organic cotton bras

Majamas Organic Easy Sleeping Bra | See details at

An organic cotton bra is made with a vision of being gentle for the environment. No artificial inputs are used, so it’s the most skin-friendly cotton you’ll find. If you have a latex allergy you wanna go ultra-soft and choose 100% cotton.

See all 6 organic cotton bras 88% to 100% cotton »

4. Pima cotton bras

Pima cotton collection AA-I cups | See details at

Pima cotton is known as soft and durable cotton. It is a superior type of cotton, similar to Egyptian cotton. Great on bras.

See 6 Pima cotton bras »

5. Mastectomy swimsuits

woman wearing a mastectomy swimsuit
From the Amoena collection | See all 10 mastectomy swimsuits »

Mastectomy swimsuits look like any other well-designed swimsuit. But these post-surgery one-pieces have discreet pockets for one or two prostheses.

Learn more about the features of a mastectomy swimsuit and check out these 10 mastectomy swimsuits from Amoena and PenBrooke »

6. Mastectomy tankinis

woman wearing a tankini top with pockets for breast form
Tankini from PenBrooke collection | See all 8 styles »

A mastectomy tankini is flattering two-piece swimwear with built-in mastectomy pockets.

A comfy style of swimwear lots of women love to wear after having had surgery. These brands design some lovely styles, see all 8 mastectomy tankini tops »

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