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How to measure small sagging breasts

Measure small sagging breasts is something we might easily just not invest time in. But the pull of gravity works on any size of breasts. On small breasts as well.

Gravity is just one cause that may have its effect on your breasts to sag in some way.

Not knowing your actual bra body sizes may result in wearing a bad-fitted bra. And this is never a nice feeling. A little bit of your time can turn you into a bra lover again.

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During life your body and its sizes may change
  • What are the causes of sagging breasts?
  • Is your bra well fitted still?
  • How to measure your sagging breasts?
  • How do you choose the best bra for sagging breasts?

Causes of small breasts sagging

  • just by aging (as we all do) and the fact that breast tissue is gradually losing elasticity
  • during menopause, nature makes sure we lose more and more elasticity of the skin
  • the more breast tissue you have compared to fat tissue the less chance of drooping
  • genetics
  • you’ve lost weight (again)
  • fluctuations in weight can cause extreme stretching of the breasts
  • your breasts changed after given childbirth and breastfeeding your child
  • you’ve had an operation of one or two of your breasts

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Is your bra well fitted still?

A bra can give your saggy boobs the lift you want. But when will you know if a bra isn’t quite a match anymore?

It’s a fact that many women do not wear their right bra size. And it’s a shame we keep wearing bad-fitted bras for way too long. I did anyway and I meet a lot of women who still do.

Ask yourself 3 simple questions:

  • Are you happy with your bra looking in de mirror?
  • Does your bra feel good on you during the day?
  • Is the bra giving you extra confidence or do you feel not so sure about it anymore?

If all three answers are a no, you should (only) take a couple of minutes to get to know your sizes again.

woman in a bra top lifting her arms
The pull of gravity works on any size of breasts

How to measure small sagging breasts?

Start with taking up your underbust size.

The measuring of your cup size should be done over the fullest part of your breast. And this is where you should pay extra attention.

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When your breasts are sagging:

  • make sure you wear a well fitted non-padded and supporting bra
  • if you do not have a bra or do not have a well-fitted bra you can bend over so your boobs are hanging down at 90 degrees. Measure from here. 
  • ask a friend to help if you feel you need some assistance

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Measure a couple of times and write down the outcomes. Get yourself trained and experienced just by measuring again and again (if needed). This is important for any woman who wants to get to know her own body sizes.

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Bend over so your boobs are hanging down at 90 degrees.

How to choose the best bra for small sagging breasts?

After learning the size of your underbust and overbust you just simply choose a bra.

Is it that simple?

Well, yes really.

One more important thing!

If you have small boobs, be sure to have a look at a bra size chart that includes the small cups.

Be aware that a lot of size charts do not have AAA and AA cups in their size table. Find out more about sizing go to bra size check »

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