Small boobs and 6 reasons why we deserve a fine bra

Small boobs and 6 reasons why we deserve a fine bra

It is a myth that women with the smallest boobs don’t need a bra (regardless of that braless day once in a while any woman may like).

I must say I hear the comments especially coming from other women. Like the young lingerie sales representative I was talking to recently. She was barely aware of cup size AA being on the market and suggested the idea ‘why should women with small boobs wear even one, they don’t really need one, do they?’. 

Thank god, welcome to the internet. We can connect easily and share our experiences. On my page ‘Bra small size’ you can read more about us women with a small cup size.

Small cup bras are not just A cups anymore. Other small cups are AA and AAA. 

Lingerie store Dainty Lady from England even designs AAAA cups. Lovely!

Now over to the 6 reasons why small boobs deserve a fine bra.


Reason 1.  We are no little girls but grown up women

Small sized women are in need of beautiful lingerie, just like any other medium or plus sized woman.

We want the same choice all women have in bra types. We have moods and want to vary from a basic bra to a lace bra. And all there is in between…

Wacoal Women’s Petite Embrace Lace Push Up Bra


Reason 2.  Small is beautiful

It’s what nature is all about. Women come in all shapes and sizes. There is no such thing as standard breasts.

Just look around and picture 10 women you know. How do they look?

the Book Bare Reality by Laura Dodsworth

In blog my ‘How women really feel about their breasts’, you can read more about the work of Laura Dodsworth.


Reason 3.  No size should be discriminated

Media may let us think boobs may only seem to get bigger and bigger. In reality this may be the case. Yet still, lots and lots of women have them.

Small boobs.

Personally, I think we could fill up a whole new planet with the lot of us.


Reason 4.  We have nipples too

We have nipples too

And no, we don’t want to show them all the time. And need them protected when moving around.

small boobs

Reason 5.  Small boobs sagg too

Small boobs have less breast tissue than a larger size. But this does not mean they are free from sagging. No, not at all.

We like a bit of support and that’s cool because a fine bra will give support and volume to our sagging breasts. 

breasts sagging


Reason 6. Small boobs like a little extra 

A push-up bra can be great if you have not much cleavage to show for. A little extra can be all you need. It can be a light push up, or maybe a heavy push up, depending on your mood and the occasion.

It is not always easy to shop for a well-fitted bra for us grown-up girls. Meaning, many shops do not carry the smallest cups. But thankfully times have changed and more and more designers focus themselves on the petite breasted.


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