Small bra sizes, find out if you’re an AAA, AA, A or B

I meet a lot of women who wear a bra cup A who’d be better of with an AAA or AA cup. But it can also be that they might need a B cup instead of the A cup they’re wearing. Or even a C cup. Cup sizes can be quite close together.

  • Why many women with small breasts do not wear their right bra size?
  • How to find your best bra size.
  • Could I fit more than one bra size?
More than one bra size may fit you just fine

Why many women with small breasts do not wear their right bra size?

As we keep reading and hearing all around us is the fact that more than half of us do not wear their right bra size. Percentages can be different but vary from 60 to 80 percent.

I always found these percentages a bit high. But I know now their not. I discovered my own new bra size (after wearing wrong sized bras for decades).

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I see it with women friends of mine. Of the first four women I measured, three of them were not wearing their right bra size. They felt it already and saw their bad-fitted bra in the mirror every day.

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It is not hard, and only human, to go along with something that is no longer good for you. Like a bad-fitted bra. It happens to women with all bra sizes, whether you are a plus size, medium, or a petite breasted woman.

What I do know about small cups is the fact that most lingerie stores do not sell the smallest cup size and therefore cannot possibly give proper advice. Maybe you end up with a cup A that is too big for you. Or you might not visit a lingerie store in the first place because you feel you don’t belong there.

How to find your best bra size?

By measuring your underbust and bust size yourself.

Of course, it’s ok to do a bra fitting in a store or let a friend help you. But even then I encourage you to write down your own measurements.

When you know your sizes you can check a bra size chart that includes all small sizes. Think of this. How can you find your bra size if your size might not even be in the size chart at all?

You can either look up your size in the bra size chart or use our bra size calculator.

I developed the bra calculator because I want to make women play around a bit with their measurements. You’ll notice that you might fit another size as well. This will make you doubt what size to try. And that’s a good thing.

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Could I fit more than one bra size?

As for any woman, we all might fit more than one bra size. This is because our bra size has sister bra sizes. Sister bras have the same cup volume, even though their cup size and band size are named differently.

bra size check

If you have a small cup size you too might fit 2 or even 3 different small bra sizes

For example:

  • a bra in 34B has the same cup volume as a bra in 36A
  • a bra in 38AA has the same cup volume as a bra in 36A

You can see when going up a band size your cup size volume will automatically be bigger as well. To keep the same cup volume you will have to go down a cup size.

And when going down a band size your cup size will automatically have less volume. To keep the same cup volume you will have to go up a cup size

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It’s important to measure precisely. Only a slight change in measurements can change your bra size altogether. And because our body sizes may change during life, it is wise to measure on a regular base.

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How will I know my best bra size?

There really is only one way to find out what your best bra size is.

  • measure your cup size and band size
  • check your sizes in the bra size calculator
  • dare to try different sizes, especially if you know or think you’re in between two sizes.

Go to bra size calculator and determine your best bra size

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