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You won’t find the smallest bra size in the lingerie shop near your place. And that’s ok because we live in the age of the internet.

But I find there is still a lot unknown if it comes to picking the right bra size, especially if you have small boobs. I meet a lot of women who wear A and B cups but really need a smaller cup size.

woman in a small bra size
The smallest bra sizes are not so commonly known as the should be
  • what are the smallest bra sizes?
  • how come many women wear a bra cup that is too big?
  • why there is no such thing as boobs being too small
  • where can I shop for a small bra size?

What are the smallest bra sizes?

Bra cup A is not the smallest cup size that you can buy. Even though many people may think it is. Other small cup sizes are AAAA cup, AAA cup and AA cup.

I’ve met (and meet) women who wear an A cup bra (or a B cup bra) that is too big for them but never really considered trying a smaller cup size. Although they are not happy with their bras, lacking support and not making their self-esteem grow.

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How come many women wear a bra cup too big?

Well it’s not hard to go allong with a bad fitted bra as a petite busted woman.

  • in the shops, we cannot try the smallest sizes because they don’t sell them
  • we often get the wrong advice after fitting. How can anyone advice you if they do not stock your size and are not aware of the existence of the smallest sizes?
  • 98% of bra size charts do not list the smallest cup sizes. You cannot possibly check your sizes if you’re small, and then likely just will choose a cup size that is closest to your measurements
  • it is very normal to stick to something that is not good for you, like a bad-fitted bra.

I wore bad-fitted bras for many years. At first, the internet wasn’t there and I was only able to buy A cups. I started to believe that this was the best there was for me, never really enjoying wearing bras.

woman in bra looking in the mirror
Only a well fitted bra makes a woman a bra lover

Nowadays I can call myself a bra LOVER. This was something I could have never imagined would happen. Only after learning about bra sizing and discovering the small bra brands the world of bras opened up for me.

There’s no such thing as boobs being too small

Women are unique and so are their breasts. That’s why breasts come in all kind of sizes and shapes.

Please know that there is a bra size for every petite woman. There is no need to feel left out.

Times have changed for the better. If you are a petite breasted woman you can shop too. Thank god some ladies started designing small bras out of their own needs and the needs from women around them.

pepper bra
Pepper collection, AA, A and B cups – started in 2018

It may seem that boobs only get bigger and bigger. This what we see and hear on television and on social media. But there are, and always have been, LOTS of women with smaller breasts.

I personally believe we could fill up a new planet with the whole lot of us. It is my mission for every small breasted woman to become a bra LOVER »

Where can I shop for a small bra size?

AAAA cups

Lingerie store Dainty Lady >> 
Dainty Lady is an exclusive British online lingerie store. Their collection of small bras are available in cup sizes from AAAA, AAA, AA, A and B cups, in bust sizes 28 to 46 and with matching lingerie in sizes 6 to 18.

AAA cups
The only American store with AAA cups.
Lulalu makes intimate apparel for women who wear AAA, AA, and A cups, with band sizes ranging from 30-38.
Their bras are designed for women in 28 to 40 AA, A and B cups. The collection has an exclusive range of AAA bras, sized 32 to 40.
Their small bras are available in cup sizes from AAAA, AAA, AA, A and B cups, in bust sizes 28 to 46 and with matching lingerie in sizes 6 to 18.
aaa – b cups

AA cups

  • AA cups at Herroom » brands: Amoena, Anita, Lula Lu, Tween Bee.
  • AA cups at Thirdlove » 50% of women fall in between standard cup sizes, ThirdLove invented half-cup sizing. 34A½, 36A½, 38A½, 32B½, 34B½, 36B½, 30C½, 32C½, 34C½, 30D½, 32D ½, 30E½
  • AA cups on Amazon: Pepper, Amoena, Anita, Tween Bee.

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A well-fitted bra feels comfortable and makes your clothes look even better, it gives you confidence. Do you have any doubts about your bra size? Please check out the bra size chart for small cup sizes »

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