The smallest bra size online

The smallest bra size there is?

Bra cup A is not the smallest cup size that you can buy. Even though many people may think it is.

I’ve met (and meet) women who wear a cup A bra that is too big for them but never really considered trying a smaller cup size.

Maybe they don’t know the existence of the smaller cups. Or maybe they kind of accept their bra because they have been wearing the size from the start. Then there’s the fact that most shops do not stock the smallest bra sizes, like AAAA, AAA, and AA.

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But let me tell you more about this beautiful smallest bra size.

It is cup AAAA.

And where to get it!


Dainty Lady and their AAAA cup bra

You’ll find the bra cup size AAAA at Dainty Lady.

Dainty Lady is an exclusive British online lingerie store. Their collection of small bras are available in cup sizes from AAAA, AAA, AA, A and B cups, in bust sizes 28 to 46 and with matching lingerie in sizes 6 to 18.

smallest bra cup
From the collection of Dainty Lady

Their lingerie is designed and individually handmade in the heart of England. All lingerie is designed for the petite bust and figure.

And that is very good news for a lot of women who need a small cup size! And maybe need the smallest bra cup.

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There’s no such thing as too small

Please know that there is a bra size for every petite woman. There is no need to feel left out. 

When I was younger (younger than today) I did feel left out. There was no internet and the lingerie shops in my nearby city sold cup A as their smallest size.

It was like I didn’t deserve a bra. Or needed a bra really for having that small boobs. 

Times have changed for the better. If you are a petite breasted woman you can shop too. Thank god some ladies started designing small bras out of their own needs and the needs from women around them.

pepper bra
From the collection of Wear Pepper, AA, A and B cups

See more on Amazon Pepper Bra cups AA-B


And even though breasts may only seem to get bigger in media, like on television and the internet. There are, and always have been, LOTS of women with smaller breasts. 

I personally believe we could fill up a new planet with the whole lot of us. It is what nature is all about. Women come in all shapes and sizes.


How come women do not choose a smaller cup size even if they need one?

I know of women who wear maybe like cup A or cup B but need a smaller cup size really.

Why do we stick to a bra that is too big for us?

  • not knowing the existence of smaller cup sizes, like AA, AAA, and AAAA
  • most shops do not have small sizes in stock
  • we are not aware of our band size and cup size
  • we do not check our bra size in a size chart that includes small cup sizes
  • we might get the wrong advice after a fitting (from a shop that doesn’t even stock your size).


A well-fitted bra gives a woman self-confidence

If you wear cup A or cup B and are not happy it might feel like a big step to try cup AA, AAA or AAAA.

  • Please realize that only a small difference in measurement can change your bra size.
  • If you are in between two band sizes it could mean you choose cup A but maybe choose cup AA other times, depending on the band size you choose. 

Better to take some time, like 10 minutes, to measure your own sizes. The next step you do is to look up your bra size in size chart that includes all small sizes.

And if you need one of the smallest cups? After measuring you’ll know what size or sizes you should try. And if your local lingerie store doesn’t have your size in their collection? You would have to shop and buy on the internet. 


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