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The smallest bra size online

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You won’t find the smallest bra cups in the lingerie shop near your place. That’s a shame, but you do shop small cups online.

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A small cup size, like an AA, can fit a teenage girl, but it can also be the right cup size for a grown-up woman. Us petite are everywhere and there will always be small boobs. Every one of us is unique and so is our bra size.

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Why many women do not wear the right small cup bra size?

I meet a lot of women who wear A and B cups but really need a smaller cup size like AA or AAA. But it could also be they need a B cup instead of the A cup they are wearing.

Bra sizes can be very close.

You can use our bra calculator to play around with your measurements a bit. It will be of great help to learn what bra sizes you can try.

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How come many petites still end up wearing a bad-fitted bra?

  • in the shops, we cannot try the smallest sizes because they don’t sell them
  • we often get the wrong advice after fitting. How can anyone advise you if they do not stock your size and are not aware of the existence of the smallest sizes?
  • 99% of bra size charts do not list the smallest cup sizes. You cannot possibly check your sizes if you’re small, and then likely just will choose a cup size that is closest to your measurements
  • it is very normal to stick to something that is not good for you, like a bad-fitted bra
  • we do not take some time to measure our sizes and check them in the right bra size chart
  • our body has changed and maybe our breasts as well, but we keep on wearing the bra size we’ve always been wearing
woman in a small bra size
Our body and breasts can change in size several times

It’s very common for small-breasted women not to have had the right bra size ever before! If you’re small you tend to avoid the lingerie stores, feeling you don’t belong here (when having an AA or AAA cup you indeed do not).

Why it’s a must for every petite to know their own sizes?

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I encourage every woman to learn about her own sizes. Even if you have a bra fitting I always advise you to write down your own measurements. It will make it easier to check your size in a size chart (or calculator) and see what your options are.

You may have more than one bra size that might fit you just fine.

I have 3 different bra sizes and they all fit me fine. I usually have 34AA, but I’m close to the band size 36. In this case, I go for 36AAA. Because when going up or down a band size the cup volume of the bra will change too.

A bra in 34AA and 36AA does not have the same cup volume. However, a bra in 34AA and 32A do have the same cup volume.

The 3 smallest bra sizes online

A well-fitted will turn any woman into a bra lover

Let me just say ‘there’s no such thing as boobs being too small’.

Women are unique and so are their breasts. That’s why breasts come in all kinds of sizes and shapes (read more about the 9 boob types). Please know that there is a bra size for every petite woman. There is no need to feel left out. Times have changed for the better.

If you are a petite breasted woman you can shop too!

Thank god some ladies started designing small bras out of their own needs and the needs of women around them.

It may seem that boobs only get bigger and bigger. But there are, and always will be, LOTS of women with smaller breasts. I personally believe we could fill up a new planet with us petite. It is my mission for every small breasted woman to become a bra LOVER.

The three smallest bra sizes

Bra cup A is not the smallest cup size that you can buy. Even though many people may think it is. Other small cup sizes are AAA and AA.

AAA cup

From the Lulalu collection | Exclusive AAA-A cups

In my AAA cup guide, you’ll see some beautiful AAA cups. And learn more about the difference between A, AA, and AAA cup.

AA cup

In my AA cup guide you’ll find the best brands to look for. Or have a look a at my 9 favorite AA cup bras.

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A cup

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In my A cup guide you’ll find wired, non-wired, and push-up styles. Read more about the question I get a lot ‘A cup vs B cup, what’s the real difference?’


Go to bra size calculator and determine your best bra size

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