Teenager sports bra | Your guide with 10 best teen sports bras

Every teenage girl has her own body proportions. Girls of the same age may need a totally different size and style of a sports bra, apart from personal preferences. I’ve selected 10 different sports bras for girls

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What styles of teen sports bra can I find?

photo of a teenager girl in a sportsbra racerback style

Under Armour Girls’ HeatGear Armour Sports Bra | See all 10 teen sports bras

Sports bras with a cup size design

Sport teen bras with a cup design start from A cup and go up to B cup.

Needing an A, B or C cup you would need to shop for adult brands (harldy any brands focus on cup-sized teen bras). You might take a look at my article on grown-up sports bras for small cups

Buying your first cup-sized bra? See my article on how to measure and finding a teen bra A-C cups

Sport tops in bralette style

Sport tops are less supportive than a cup-sized sportsbra or a racerback style. A good choice for low-impact sports and breasts that are just beginning to develop.

They are easy to wear and are of course comfortable for daily wear too

Racerback sports tops for teens

A racerback design is great for doing sports. You have the freedom of movement without having to worry about shoulderstraps sliding down.

How do I know my sports bra size?

photo of a teenage girl smiling wearing a bra and short
All girls are unique and have their unique body sizes

There’s no such thing as a standard bra size for a teenage girl. A 13-year-old girl can have a cup A (or smaller or bigger). But it might also be a cup-sized bra is still too big for here. Her breasts may not have started to mature and grow yet.

Exclusive AAA, AA & A cups | Shop lulalu.com

Petite adult women may fit certain teen bras because they have a small cup size, like AAA, AA or A. On the other hand a teenager may have developed the same size as an adult woman wearing B, C, D, or larger cups.

Knowing this, it all comes down to measuring your underbust and bust size. If your breasts have not yet grown yet it’s ok to just measure your underbust.

US SizeAge
(in years)
(in inches)
(in inches)
(in inches)
XS6 – 748 – 5025.5 – 27.023.5 – 24.0
S8 – 950 – 5427.0 – 29.024.0 – 25.0
M10 – 1154 – 5729.0 – 31.025.0 – 27.0
L12 – 1357 – 6131.0 – 33.527.0 – 28.0
XL14+61 – 6533.5 – 36.528.0 – 29.5

There is no such thing as being too small or too big. We are al unique! Nature brings us in different beautiful shapes and sizes.

Use my bra calculator to find out which band and cup size will be the best for you.

80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra
Find your fit Thirdlove's Fit Finder Quiz

10 sports bras for teen girls

1. Royce impact-free racerback sports bra | A-B cup

Royce Impact Free Petite Wire Free Sports Bra | See details at Amazon.com

cup-sized sports bra from the UK lingerie brand Royce
made with 65% cotton
racerback style
designed for growing girls but also suitable for petite grown-ups
comes with removable foam pads
available in 30-34a and 30-36b

2. Maidenform girls’ seamless racerback sports bra | S-XXL

Maidenform Girls’ Seamless Racerback Sports Bra | See details at Amazon.com

their fabulous starter bra for girls
US size 4 up to 16
pull-on closure racerback style
comfortable and lightweight

3. Under Armour girls’ Heatgear sports bra | XS-XL

Under Armour Girls’ HeatGear Armour Sports Bra | See details at Amazon.com

4-way stretch fabric
made with anti-odor technology
in many colors available
has a thin padding

4. Nike Older Kids’ (Girls’) Sports Bra | XS-XL

Nike Older Kids’ (Girls’) Sports Bra | See details at Amazon.com

racerback sports bra by Nike
thick knit fabric
Dri-Fit technology

5. DKNY Girl’s seamless sports bra with removable pad | S-XL (4 Pack)

DKNY Girl’s Nylon/Spandex Seamless Training Sports Bra with Removable Pad (4 Pack) | See details at Amazon.com

training bra in bralette style
adjustable straps
pads are removable and can be sewn in if you like
easy care, made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex

6. Calvin Klein girls’ big seamless hybrid bra | 30-36 A

Calvin Klein Girls’ Big Seamless Hybrid Bra | See details at Amazon.com

starter bra from Calvin Klein
adjustable straps
the very light lining prevents the nipples from showing
easy care, made of a polyester, nylon, and spandex knit

7. Amazon essentials girl’s 2-pack active sports bra | XS-XL

Amazon Essentials Girl’s 2-Pack Active Sports Bra | See details at Amazon.com

pack of 2
light support
seam-free, soft and stretchy
great choice when not needing a cup-sized bra yet

8. Arlumi longline crop top with built-in bra | S-L

Arlumi Longline Camisole Crop Womens Tank Tops Wireless Seamless Sport Bra Yoga Workout Shirt for Teen Girl | See details at Amazon.com

lightweight soft crop top
removable built-in pad cushion
supports and reveals a charming curve
for A, B, and C cups

9. MANJIAMEI big girls cotton training bra lighty padded | 32-38A

MANJIAMEI Big Girls Cotton Training Bras Wireless Light Padded A Cup Sports Bra | See details at Amazon.com

lightly padded training bra
soft 100% cotton inside
good support for sports
also a basic everyday bra for developing teens with a cup A

10. Barbra wireless lightly padded training bra 5 Pack | 30-36A

Barbra Lingerie Big Girls Bras for Teen Girl Wireless Molded Padded Juniors Training Bra 5 Pack | See details at Amazon.com

training bra for preteen girl and small petite grown-ups
molded lightly padded cups
made of cotton and spandex
lightly padded which is sewn in, so it is not removable

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