What is the average bra size US and what to think of it.

women all kind of breast shapes

Boobs in the US apparently have grown over the years to an average cup DD. Here on brasforsmallcups I write a lot about the smallest cup sizes AAA, AA and A. So what’s the connection then with this cup DD?

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Why research our average cup size?

As a lingerie manufacturer I would want to know about sizes. It will give me insights of what sizes are best sold and what sizes I might focus on in the near future.

A research brings a question like ‘how come the average bra size has jumped from a 34B to a 34DD in 20 years time’? We learn that weight gain and breast implants played a role in the increase.

Researches give us the possibility to compare. Well, we are kind of forced to aren’t we? Being brought DD right into our face (as would any outcome of cup size).

How petites are missed in the researches

woman in a small bra size

One of the researches is based on 60,000 customers that were interviewed at 16 stores nationwide.

Tell you one thing about petite cup-sized women.

They never visit a lingerie store.

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Having an AA or AAA cup we feel like we don’t belong there (which indeed we do not).

99% of the lingerie stores do not sell our cup size. Chanches are you were advised a too big cup.

 do researchers even know the existence of the smallest cup size?
probably not
many petites do not even know their true bra size
did you know bras 40D, 42C and 38DD all have the same cup volume? bras have sister sizes

The focus on boobs getting bigger is surely there. And maybe it is the case.

Which brings me to the smallest boobs.

In my opinion we petites could fill up a whole new planet. Many women have them. Little boobs. There always will be ☺

Better LOVE them and dress them to the best

Boobs come in all shapes and sizes. It’s what’s nature is all about. Maybe your happy with your breasts, or somewhat happy, or maybe not so.

Better LOVE them and dress them to the best.

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Every women or girl is different. Sure we are! Our breasts have their unique shape and size. It is easy tot think differently something.

Whatever the outcome of a research may be, it’s always a welcome inspiration to talk about a subject like bra sizing for women. Whether it’s a DD or an AAA.

Try my calculator and find your best bra size today.

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