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Where to find small cup large band bras?

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Small cup large band bras

Small cup large band bras are not that easy to find. Still, a lot of women are looking for just this combination. 

No woman is the same and having small boobs does not necessarily mean your underbust size is also small. 

Being a petite woman can mean you’re looking for small cup large band bras.

What if you have a cup size AAA and need a large band bra? What if you need a cup size A and need a large band bra? 

Let me tell you a bit more what’s on the market for small cups as it comes to large band bras. 

The largest band size for AA and AAA cups

In the US Lula Lu Petites offers beautiful AAA, AA and A cup lingerie. Their largest band size is 38. 

This means having a cup AAA or AA this is really your only place to go (in the US) if you need a band size no bigger than 38. 

Just have a look at the Lula Lu Petites collection on Herroom.

In the UK you will find two online shops, especially for the petite cup sizes. And they carry a bra band size up to 44. size 28 – 40, cups AAA – A sizes 28 – 44, cups AAAA – A

Large band size for the A and B cups

Are you wearing an A or B cup? Your choice in large band sizes is bigger than ladies having AAA and AA cups. 

A and B cup ladies will find band sizes up to 52. 

But still a lot of designers, like for example Heidi Klum and Victoria Secrets, design their bras only up to band size 38. If they have band size 40 it is mostly only for D+ cup sizes. 

Just have a look at the big collection Bras on Amazon. You can easily refine your bra shopping by selecting your band size and your cup size.

If have you have a band size 38 or smaller your choice of bras is usually good. Even for AAA and AA cups, although you have less choice than ladies with A or B cups.

If your band size is 40 or larger the choice in designer bras seems to get less and less. Most of the designer bra brands do not have the bra band larger than 38 or 40. 

How to choose your best bra band size?

You can only go with what you got. Meaning for me to say that it is important to know your underbust size. Knowing your own body sizes will make shopping much nicer. Promise!

Getting the right bra fit always starts with choosing the right band size first. I usually wear a band size 34, but I choose a 36 instead sometimes. Like many women, I’m in between two band sizes. I have a 34AA, a 36AAA and a 34A in my lingerie drawer and they all fit me just fine. 

If you having any question about your bra or the bra sizing let me know. I’ll be very happy to advise.

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