It is my mission for every small breasted woman to become a bra LOVER

Do you have a petite bra size? Maybe you’re happy with the bras you wear and you already know how to shop for a petite bra size. That’s great.

petite bra size

For many years I certainly could not call myself a bra lover. Having a petite bra size didn’t help.

I owned some bras, but didn’t enjoy this lingerie item really. Having small breasts, I thought my bras were the best I could get. Not really taking time to get into the matter.

I settled for the bra size I was wearing.

During the time I had my own online lingerie store I started learning quickly.

To give my customers the best of advice I had to learn more about women’s boobs and the way bra sizing works.

More than 60% of women wear a wrong size size

That is what researches tell us. You probably read about this kind of percentage. Or a even higher one.

choosing the right bra size
Many women settle for the bra they are wearing

I always thought this percentage to be a bit high. But after measuring other women (and myself) I found out I was wrong.

The first four women I measured where some friends and my own mother. Three of these women where NOT wearing the right bra size. These women had all different body and breasts sizes, varying from cup size AA to D.

The women themselves felt their bad fitted bra and saw it every day in the mirror.

It must be so human to stick to a bra that doesn’t fit 

Or may never have fitted you. Sometimes we stick to something that is not good for us. Like a bad fitted bra.


How small is a petite bra size?

Well. It depends from your prespective.

Some people call an A cup small, some might even say the same about a B or C cup.

In the media boobs only seem to get bigger. In reality it may be the case. But.

There are lots of women with smaller boobs. Lots. This is what nature is all about. No woman is the same. Non of our boobs are the same. Women’s breasts come in all shapes and sizes.

Please know that cup A is not the only small cup available. Other small cups are AA and AAA.


Brasforsmallcups is all about women with a petite bra size

My journey of becoming a bra LOVER is what I love to share with other women.

Every lingerie minded woman is so very welcome to read my blogs. I believe every women deserves a well fitted bra. Whether she is a petite, medium or plus size girl.


Really enjoying your bra (and the rest of your lingerie) is only going to work if you’re wearing the right bra size

Do you have any doubts about your size at this moment? Go to the page ‘Bra size check’ and learn how to measure yourself.

how to measure bra size

Only a well fitted bra will make you feel good. You’ll never want to go back again. Your clothes look better, you feel better, more sexy…