Welcome to all petite bra lovers ♥ 


petite bra size

It is my mission for every small cup sized woman to become a bra lover. 


  • I’ve been wearing wrong sized bras for too many years
  • Nowadays I actually enjoy (very much) wearing my bras.
  • I learned about bra sizing by measuring myself and women around me.
  • I still meet a lot of women NOT wearing the right bra size.
  • Of the first four women I measured, three of them were not wearing a right bra size. 
  • They felt it and they saw their bad-fitted bra in the mirror.
  • Boobs may only seem to get bigger.
  • Maybe it is the case, but we could still fill up a whole new planet with us petite girls.
  • Every woman is unique and so are her breasts.
  • Cup size A is not the smallest cup size around.
  • There is more.
  • Like cup size AAAA, AAA and AA.
  • I believe it’s all about getting to know your own sizes.
  • And finding your size is a small bra size chart.
  • At last.
  • Buying en trying bras from brands that focus on petite lingerie (for grown-up girls).
  • Enjoy!


Pages you’ll find on Brasforsmallcups.com

Is there a question about your bra still unanswered? Please let me know. I’ll be happy to advise.


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