It is my mission for every small-busted woman to become a bra lover

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It is a myth that women with the smallest boobs don’t need a bra (regardless of a braless day that any woman may like). Bras for small cups are just as normal as women with small breasts are.

6 reasons why small boobs deserve a fine bra

1.  We are no little girls but grown-up women

women in a lace bra with small cup size
Beautiful bras for beautiful small boobs!

Small-sized women are in need of beautiful lingerie, just like any other medium or plus-sized woman. We only want bras for small cups that fit us just right.

And thank god nowadays there is the internet where we can shop bras for small cups. There are some lovely brands that design bras for small breasts. Some of the designers started making them out of there own needs.

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We want the same choice all women have in bra types. We have moods and want to vary from a basic bra to a sexy lace bra. And all there is in between…

A well-fitted bra feels comfortable all day long and will give you confidence. Your clothes will look better.

Are you pulling your bra straight the whole day? If you have any doubts about your bra size right now, it would take no more than 10 minutes of your time to check up on your sizes and find your true size in our calculator.

2. Small is beautiful

woman beautiful looking down
We are all unique.

Women come in all shapes and sizes. It’s what nature is all about. There is no such thing as a standard woman’s body. This goes for our boobs as well. Sure thing. But how do we really feel about our breasts?

I want to mention the amazing work of Laura Dodsworth. In her book, Bare Reality 100 women bravely share un-airbrushed photographs of their breasts alongside honest, courageous, powerful and humorous stories about their breasts and their lives. You can watch the short video about the book Bare Reality.

3-minute video

Women from all walks of life took part, aged from 19 to 101, sized AAA to K, from Buddhist nun to burlesque dancer.

Bare Reality will make you reconsider how you think and feel about your own body and those of the women in your life.

The new paperback edition features ‘No Less a Woman’, the breast cancer awareness campaign with Stella McCartney. See details at

3. No size should be discriminated

women all kind of breast shapes
We come in all shapes & sizes. It’s a thing of nature.

How small is small anyway?

Well. It depends on your perspective. Some people call an A cup small, some might even say the same about a B or C cup.

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In the media boobs only seem to get bigger. In reality, it may be the case. But. Yet still, lots and lots of women have them.

Small boobs.

Personally, I think we could fill up a whole new planet with us petite.

Please know that cup sizes AAAA, AAA, AA, and A are on the lingerie market. Some designers do care and started their lingerie business out of their own needs and the needs of many petite breasted women around them.

Remember that bra sizes can be very close together. Women wearing a 40AAA, a 38AA, and a 36A all wear a bra that’s different in numbers alright, but all have the same cup volume.
Meaning: if you go up or down a band size, you should change the cup size as well to keep the same volume.

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How come many petite women keep wearing a badly fitted bra?

A well-fitted bra will turn any woman into a bra lover
  • like for any woman, it can have become a habit to stick to something that is no longer good for us, like a badly fitted bra
  • we settle for the bra size that we are used to wearing for years now, thinking this must be the best there is for us
  • having small breasts, there is a bigger chance to choose the wrong size because of the lack of knowledge and information in shops and on the internet
  • most bra size charts have not listed the smaller cups, like AA and AAA cups
  • because we have small boobs we tend to avoid lingerie stores
  • the stores usually do not carry – or only very little – the smallest cup sizes and we get easily suggested a wrong bra size
  • how can someone give us proper advice not selling your size and probably may not know the existence of the smallest cup sizes?

During the time I had my own online lingerie store, I started learning quickly about bra sizing. I wanted to give my customers the best advice. So I taught myself the theory of bra sizing and started practicing.

I learned about my best bra sizes. I wear now 34A, 34AA, and 36AAA bras, depending on the brand and model. All these bra sizes fit me just fine.

Tip. If you have small busts be sure to check a size chart that includes all small cups.

After that, I measured 4 women I knew (including my mother). These women all had different bodies and breast sizes, varying from cup AA to cup D. Three of them were not wearing the right bra. And did they knew it? Yes, they did. They felt and saw their bad fitted bra every day in the mirror.

But as I mentioned before, it is not hard to go on with something like a bad-fitted bra.

4.  We have nipples too

woman holding her hand before her breasts
Small or big, breasts need protection

We have nipples too. And no, we don’t want to show them all the time and also need them protected when moving around.

Thirdlove’s boob types

Heard of the lingerie company ThirdLove? They started their lovely lingerie business in 2013 (out of their own needs). They had bras themselves but none of them fitted! They invented half-cup sizes.

In their breast dictionary, they classify 9 boob types: Asymmetric, Athletic, Bell Shape, Relaxed, East-West, Round, Side Set, Slender, Tear Drop. Read more about the lingerie company Thirdlove and their breast dictionary »

5. Small boobs sag too

drawing of breasts sagging
Small boobs will and can sag through several causes

Small boobs have less breast tissue than larger boobs. But this does not mean they are free from sagging. No, not at all.

A lot of things cause breasts to sag in someway. Not only by aging but think of fluctuations in weight, hormonal changes, genetics, operations, etc.

Only a well-fitted bra will give you the best support and can shape sagging breasts nicely. 

I get questions from my readers on asking for advice on bra sizing because of their smaller breasts after breastfeeding.

woman sitting with a little baby girl

Breastfeeding can change your breasts

These women tell me they have lost breast tissue after having their child or children. When I go through their sizes with them, they usually need a new bra size. Many times their cup size has changed, and sometimes their band size as well.

Remember that a slight change of your body or breast sizes can change your bra size altogether.

6. Small boobs like a little extra 

More than 60% of women wear the wrong size bra

Once you experience a well-fitted bra you never want to go back. Only a well-fitted bra will make you feel good. Your clothes look better, you feel better, sexier…

  • There is nothing that sexy as a bra that fits properly! Whether the bra is a push-up or a bra that is lightly padded.
  • Creating cleavage with a bra that is not your size will not make you feel great. A bra that is not your size usually will give you a very uncomfortable feeling.
bras for small cups by max cleavage

Gel bras & bikini’s from Max Cleavage add 1-2 cups | See gel bras (Max Cleavage)

A push-up bra can be great if you have not much cleavage to show for. A little extra can be all you need. It can be a light push up, or even a heavy push-up, depending on your mood and the occasion.

Can both men and women use the bra size calculator? Yes, sure. I have men using the calculator to find a bra for different reasons. Read more about bras for men with gynecomastia or the best bras for crossdressing.

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Is there a question about your bra still unanswered? Please let me know. I’ll be happy to advise.

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