8 Swim shapers for your swimsuit or bikini top

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Swim shapers do a great job of filling up the cups of our swimwear. Go for extra cup size and boost in seconds! Or say no to the push-up and go light.

There’s a style for every one of us.

  1. Braza triangle shape foam swim enhancement pads | A-D cups
  2. Bravo triangle ultra shaper bikini shapers | AA-C cups
  3. Push-up triangle inserts for bikini’s | A-C cups
  4. Triangle bra pads inserts for bikini and swimsuit tops | C-D cups
  5. Silicone adhesive breast inserts breathable push-up
  6. LeBeila bra pad insert for swimsuits
  7. Sport removable bra pads inserts | B-C cups
  8. Honeycomb semi-adhesive perforated push-up booster pads

How to use swim shapers?

picture of woman using swim shaper enhancement for her bikini
Most swim shapers can be tucked in easily

Swim shapers come in different shapes and level of boost, varying from no boost till adding one or two cup sizes.

Swimwear shapers can be lightweight pads that you tuck into the pocket of your bikini top or swimsuit. Triangle shapes are great for bikini tops and halter styles.

Many shapers are non-adhesive and made of light air-filled foam materials. These pads can be sewn-in and even cut to the size of your likings.

Other swim shapers are adhesive or even semi-adhesive. In my top 8 swim pad shapers you’ll see all styles.

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Why use swim shapers?

  • to replace the worn-out pads from your bathing suit or bikini top
  • to replace your current swim pads by a style that’s better looking and has better quality
  • to fill up the cups of your swimwear because the cups are too big for you
  • to prevent nipple-seethrough
  • to have a better overall look in your swimwear
  • to create a little, a medium, or a more heavy push-up
  • to balance uneven breasts

8 popular swim shapers for bikini’s and swimsuits

woman in a bikini top illustrating a blog about swim shapers for bikini and bathing suit
Create the cleavage you like – in seconds!

1. Braza triangle shape foam swim enhancement pads | A-D cups

Braza Swim Shapers – Triangle Shape Bathing Suit Pads A/B – C/D | See details at Amazon.com

The Braza soft foam pads have a triangle shape. Great for triangle bikini’s and halter styles. Do give a push up, but not too heavy.

Can be sewn-in and if needed you can trim the pads down with a scissor to fit.

Lulalu Exclusive Cups AAA, AA, A cup

2. Bravo triangle ultra shaper bikini shapers | AA-C cups

swim shapers in black from the brand Bravo

Bravo Women’s Triangle Ultra Shaper Bra Pad inserts. Pushes both up and in | See details at Amazon.com

The triangle bikini shaper from Bravo comes in two sizes. The smaller size also suits an AA cup.

3. Push up triangle inserts for bikini’s | A-C cups

Lightweight inserts for bras, shapewear, and swimwear. Give a little boost and add discretion in cooler water. Perfect to give tops or bras a better shape and padding.

Many swim shapers are versatile, meaning they can be worn in bras as well. Or stitched into clothing. Check out 8 bra inserts for small, sagging, or uneven breasts »

4. Triangle bra pads inserts for bikini and swimsuit tops | C-D cups

3 Pairs Removeable Triangle Bra Pads Inserts for Bikinis Tops Sports Bra Swimsuit for C D Cups Beige | See details at Amazon.com

Discover Thirdlove's ½ cup sizes

Lightweight pads with only little padding.

5. Silicone adhesive breast inserts breathable push-up

Silicone Adhesive Bra Pads Breast Inserts Breathable Push Up Sticky Bra Cups for Swimsuits & Bikini | See details at Amazon.com

Create a nice push up effect in just a minute. The pads are self-adhesive and can be washed to keep lean and sticky for multiple use. You can put them in your bras, in your swimsuits and in backless dresses or sleeveless dresses!

6. LeBeila bra pad insert for swimsuits

Bra Pads Inserts – LeBeila Women’s Bra Pad Insert for Swimsuits Soft Smart Cups for Sport Yoga Swimwear Bikini Top Swimsuit 3 Pair in Set (3 Pairs, Mix | See details at Amazon.com

7. Sport removable bra pads inserts | B-C cups

Sport removable bra pads inserts,Bikini padding inserts 6 Pairs(12 Piece) For Women | See details at Amazon.com

Perfect for bra pockets, swimsuits, bikini, bralettes, evening gowns, yoga bra, nursing bra. Suit for any top that could use a triangular-shaped bra insert. The bra padding is made of high-quality air cotton, foam sponge.

8. Honeycomb semi-adhesive perforated push up booster pads

Honeycomb Silicone Bra Inserts – Semi-Adhesive Breast Enhancer Uniquely Perforated Push Up Booster Pads (Semicircle) | See details at Amazon.com

These inserts have a unique perforated surface. This feature allows air and water to pass through as if there was nothing there, reducing the strain on your skin in warm weather and when you are swimming. Best for A-C cups.

The pads are semi-adhesive which means they are sticky on both sides. This keeps them well in place when working out or swimming. The silicone inserts will be ready to use again after they are completely dry.

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