8 Bra inserts for small or sagging breasts

Bra pads are little lifesavers really. And they come cheap. Add them in whatever you like. These 9 bra pads work great for small (sagging or not) and for balancing uneven breasts.

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Why do women use bra inserts?

woman stuffing her bra

Many women use bra inserts every day, while others use them occasionally.

Reasons why women use bra inserts

  • to avoid nipple show-through
  • to replace the worn-out pads from your own bras
  • sew into shirts and dresses when you do not want to wear bras (and have no nipple showing)
  • after a double or a single mastectomy
  • to balance uneven breasts and create a more even bustline
  • to create the level of cleavage you like as a flat-chested woman
  • make your clothes look more attractive
  • giving sagging breast more support and create cleavage

What are bra inserts made of?

picture of bra pads made with foam
bra inserts with foam filled cups

Many bra inserts are made of nylon with a small percentage of spandex. They often are filled with foam which makes them very light to wear.

Another style is the silicone breast inserts that tends to move along more with your body movements.

In my top 8, you’ll see also the transparent gel inserts. These inserts allow your skin tone to shine through. These are great for sheer or lace bras, and swimwear.

What style of bra insert can I choose from?

photo of a woman showing before an after using a pair of bra inserts
Create the cleavage you like – in just a minute

I’ve selected 8 popular bra inserts from Amazon. They are either designed to give an instant push-up or they may be only slightly lined. In the last case, they are not meant to increase your bust size at all.

All these 8 bra inserts have many helpful reviews.

Choosing the bra inserts you need is very personal. But reading other women’s findings can be an enormous help in making your decision.

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8 popular bra pads

1. TopBine bra pads no push-up | AA-C cups

TopBine 3 Pairs Bra Pads Inserts | See details at Amazon.com

 pads work best for AA-C cups
 lightweight inserts
 can be sewn-in

2. Bra pads inserts foam light push-up | A-E cups

5 Pairs bra pads inserts, removable, breathable, air cotton foam sponge | See details at Amazon.com

 5 pairs
 soft and smooth
 for A/B and C/D cups
little push-up
can be sewn-in

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3. Femagique silicone push-up gel bra ad 1-2 cups inserts | A-C cups

Femagique silicone push-up gel bra ad 1-2 cups inserts | See details at Amazon.com

 medium best for A cups, large best for B-C cups
 with discrete bag
 increase your cup size
solve uneven breasts problems
creates an amazing cleavage by lifting your breasts slightly upwards
transparent gel let your skin tone shine through
perfect for sexy sheer or lace bras | see 1400+ ratings Amazon

4. Femagique foam bra inserts for extra cleavage

Femagique Bra Inserts Push Up Breast Lifting pads Cleavage Enhancer Padding Cups | See details at Amazon.com

 lightweight foam pads
 adaptable to all outfits
 can be tucked in or sewn-in
perfect in sports bras
great if your flat chested
for oneven breasts
having had a mastectomy

5. Ninery Ave Cotton Breast Forms Light Ventilation Sponge Boobs for Women Mastectomy

1 Pair Cotton Breast Forms Light Ventilation Sponge Boobs for Women Mastectomy Breast Cancer Support by Ninery Ave | See details at Amazon.com

 100% cotton breast forms
 perfect for mastectomy women
 for early postoperative at home
perfect in sports bras and also in your swimwear
great if your flat chested
for oneven breasts
having had a mastectomy

collection breast pads from ninery ave

6. Wacoal no peek concealer thin liners

Wacoal Women’s No Peek Concealer | See details at Amazon.com

 foam bra inserts
 just ads natural shaping
 perfect for a bra that has no or little lining
can be sewn-in

7. Silicone bra inserts add 2 cup size

Silicone Bra Inserts, Gel Breast Pads to Enhance Cleavage/Add 1-2 Cups | See details at Amazon.com

 increase bust by 1-2 cups
 after washing with warm water and soap, the silicone breast pad insert can be used again
suitable for swimsuits, strapless dresses, suspender skirts, wedding dresses, etc.

8. Silicone bra inserts breathable | add 1-2 cups

Silicone Bra Inserts and Breast Enhancers, Increase Your Cup Size, Breathable, Reusable,1 Pair | See details at Amazon.com

Very elastic bra inserts with clear color so it won’t be seen from outside. Great for the sling skirts, bikini, swimsuit, shoulder dresses, and sports bra. They have a unique perforated surface that allows air and water to pass through.

breathable silicone bra inserts

Will instantly increase your bust size with 1 to 2.5 cups. Ready to use again after cleaning up with warm water and soap | See details at Amazon.com

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