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75 C

See size charts below to find your US size.

Small bra size chart

If you have small boobs you really need a small bra size chart. If you check a chart that starts with cup A, you won’t be able to check your bra sizes. Simply because your size may just not be in it. And this could mean you settle for an A or B cup, instead of the AA or AAA cup you might actually need.

Do you wear the right bra size?

It is important to realize that most shops do not carry the smallest cup sizes and therefore cannot possibly give you proper advice. That goes for the lingerie store in the street, as well for most online shops. What they don’t sell they won’t be able to advise you on. If you have small boobs and are not happy with your bra size right now, you must take the lead as it comes to determine your best bra size (or sizes, because more sizes may fit you just fine »).

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size chart cups AAA – B

I find a small bra size chart the best way for petite women to find their best bra size. The chart will give you a quick insight into the best bra size for you to try.

And very important! If you’re in between two sizes the chart will show you the other size you might try.

Read more why 2 different bra sizes may fit you just fine »

measure bra size
Check a bra size chart including small cups!

How to use the small bra size chart?

Let me give you an example. This will give you the best idea on how to read the small bra size chart.

Let’s say your underbust is 77 centimeters and your bust size is 85 centimeters. If you look at the chart you would have a band size 34 and a cup size AA.

You can also see that you are close to band size 36. If you measure 78 centimeters (only a difference of 1 centimeter!) you would likely choose a band size 36. If you look at the cup size you would then choose AAA. My advice is to try both sizes if you’re not sure what to choose.

Remember that going up or down a band size will change the volume of the cups. The bra 38AA has less volume as the bra in 40AA. The bras 38AA and 36A have the same cup volume.

  • it’s normal that you might fit more than one bra size, and both sizes fit you just fine
  • it is also a matter of personal preferences when choosing your bra size
  • some women really dislike a tight band of the bra and tend to choose a looser band
  • it is a thing of trial and error
  • you might have 1 best bra size
  • you might have 2 or maybe 3 sizes that fit you fine, depending on the model and brand of the bra

Mind you. The most support of your bra comes from the band. So this must feel a bit firm, but always comfortable.


Go to bra size calculator and determine your best bra size

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