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My band measurement:
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My bra size is

75 C

See size charts below to find your US size

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model wearing a bra from the collection of Dobreva in a small cup size

Dobreva front closure Bra AA-DD cups | See Dobreva collection at


band size chart bra
cup size chart bra

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Going up or down a band size will change the volume of the cups

a 38AA bra has less cup volume as a 40AA bra
a 38AA bra and a 36A bra have the same cup volume

Changing your band size? Go down or up a cup size as well if you want to keep the same cup volume.

  • it’s normal that you might fit more than one bra size, and both sizes fit you just fine
  • it is also a matter of personal preferences when choosing your bra size
  • some women really dislike a tight band of the bra and tend to choose a looser band
  • it is a thing of trial and error
  • you might have 1 best bra size
  • you might have 2 or maybe 3 sizes that fit you fine, depending on the model and brand of the bra

Bra shopping for small breasts

Some lovely lingerie brands design bras for the smallest cups. The smallest cup sizes are A, AA and AAA.

Discover your bra guide » AAA cup | AA cup | A cup

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AAA, AA, A cups | band sizes 30-42
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