Bras for AA cup – top 3 lingerie brands

Best bras for AA cup

Finding bras for AA cup can be quite a struggle.

That is if you expect every shop to carry your size. And if they do, you are not likely to find the grown-up bra you’re looking for. 

Small size women know this. And we tend to avoid the occasional lingerie store. Don’t we?

I want to highlight 3 lovely lingerie brands that focus on the small breasted AA cup sized woman.

  • collection AAA – A cups from Lula Lu Petites
  • the Wacoal Women’s Petite Embrace Lace Push Up cup AA
  • Pepper All You Bra in AA – B cups


Bras for AA cup – Lula Lu Petites collection

Lula Lu is fantastic for women with small boobs

Telly you why.

They have a unique collection only designed for AAA, AA and A cups.

Not only that.

They design their collection for grown-ups. No girly bras, but various styles to choose from. 


Lula Lu Petites Essential T-shirt Bra 

best bras for small breasts
Bras from Lula Lu Petites come in AAA, AA and A cups
  • Natural shape with underwire styling and light padding
  • Avoid cup gapping with Lula Lu bras, which are extensively fit tested on small busted women
  • Feel more confident in all of your tops, T-shirts, and dresses
  • Experience the bra that moves with your body and compliments your bust
  • Soft, comfortable microfiber for everyday wear


Bras for AA cup – Wacoal Women’s Petite Embrace Lace Push Up Bra 

I have to mention this Wacoal bra. It has been a long time favorite, not only for me but for many women.

It is a bit of everything you would want in a bra. The lace and the push-up pads combined. O yes, this bra is kind of a must have really.


Body proportion, not height, determines how a bra sits on you and that’s what our petite sizes are all about. This petite Embrace Lace™ style is designed to enhance and flatter.

  • Petite underwire push up bra
  • Smooth, underwire, push up cups shape and lift the bust
  • Removable cookies offer a beautiful neckline
  • Embroidered lace on wings and in the center front
  • Clean tailored, adjustable straps


Bras for AA cup – Pepper All You Bra

Pepper only just started in 2018. Pepper designed the Pepper All You Bra in cup sizes AA, A and B. It comes in the colors black, beige and mint.

We embrace the ‘flat’ in flattering is what they tell on their website. And I can’t agree more.


pepper bra aa cup
The Pepper All You Bra in cup sizes AA, AA, and B.


Any doubts about your bra size at the moment? Check out if your an AA cup sized woman, or maybe an AAA or A.



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