Bras for AA cup – top 3 petite brands

Best bras for AA cup

If you are an AA cup, finding bras can be quite a struggle.

That is if you expect every shop to carry your size. And if they do, you are not likely to find the grown-up bra you’re looking for. 

Small sized women know this. And we tend to avoid lingerie stores altogether. Don’t we? And it’s a shame that a lot of women don’t know yet that they might need an AA cup bra, or an AAA, A or B cup (remember that a small change in measurement could mean a different band size and cup size for you). 

I want to highlight 3 lingerie brands that focus on designing bras for petite ladies. So if you’re looking for an AA cup size, these brands are just for you.

The brands are:

  • Lula Lu Petites
  • Wacoal
  • Pepper
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Lula Lu Petites AA cups

Lula Lu is fantastic for women with small boobs. They have a unique collection only designed for AAA, AA and A cups.

And their designs are for grown-ups. You can choose all styles, like t-shirt bras, soft cup bras, push-up bras, lace bras, strapless bras, and racerback bras.

Lula Lu Bras come in AAA, AA & A cups

Lula Lu about their sizing: For the definition of “petite,” the industry definition is that of a woman who is 5′ 4″ or under. We find this definition both too broad, as it does not address the size of a woman’s frame, and too height restrictive because there are women, for example, who are 5′ 10,” who wear a size 4 and have a small frame and bust size. Lula Lu selected sizes 30AA to 38A and dress sizes 0 to 8 to provide a focus for our definition of petite lingerie.

Where to buy Lula Lu bras?

Wacoal Petite Embrace Lace Push Up Bra AA cup

I have to mention this Wacoal bra. It has been a long time favorite AA cup bra. Not only for me but for many women.

The bra has a bit of everything you would want really. There’s embroidered lace, push-up pads and it is smooth, so you can wear this bra as your basic t-shirt bra. But it still delivers a pretty sexy feel.

A petite underwire push-up bra from Wacoal

Bras for AA cup – Pepper All You Bra

Pepper only just started their bra business in 2018. Pepper designs the Pepper All You Bra in cup sizes AA, A and B. It comes in the colors black, beige and mint.

We embrace the ‘flat’ in flattering is what they tell on their website. And I can’t agree more.

Just love this new brand Pepper! AA – B cups

Where to by Pepper Bras?

Have a look at see Pepper collection bras »

Or check them out on your Amazon

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