Teenage bras for AA, A, B, and C cups

How to buy your first real cup-sized teenage bra? Did you know that it will take about 10 minutes only to learn about your own bra sizes?

Boobs & Bloomers Girl’s Anny Dark Grey Padded bra A-B cups | See details at Amazon.com

Bra sizes for teenage girls

Teenage bras start from cup AA and go up, depending on the brand, to a cup B, or C. You could say the larger your breasts the bigger cup size you need.

As a teenage girl, it could be you need a cup AA, but it can also be you need an A, B or C cup. Many grown-up women also still wear the smaller cup sizes AA-B. All girls and women have unique bodies and breasts.

Remember that there’s no such thing as being too small or too big. Nature comes in all sizes (and this will always be like this).

teenage girl in a teens bra and matching slap
Your first cup size may start with A, B, or C

It might be that your breasts are (still) too small for a cup AA. You then want to look for bras and bra tops that come in sizes starting from x-small. The collection girls underwear on Amazon has a bra or bra top for any girl, regardless of what size she is.

How many bras do I need & how to take care of them?

  • You need different bras for different occasions, like school or doing sports.
  • You can wear different styles depending on what you wear, for example, a racerback style underneath your summer dress or low cut top.
  • Did you know that your bra needs a rest after wearing it? In this way, the elastic fiber will regain its shape. If you have a couple of bras you can rotate them.
  • Your bras need to be washed regularly by hand. This keeps the fibers clean and more elastic.

How to measure my first bra?

how to measure your band size and your cup size for teenagers

To decide on your bra cup size you will need to take two measurements. You can measure yourself at home, it is not difficult. Of course, you ask someone to help you with your measurements.

There are only 3 steps really.

Step 1 measure your underbust
Hold the tape under your breasts and write down the inches or centimeters.

Step 2 measure you bust
Hold the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts. Don’t pull the tape too tight. Write down the inches or centimeters.

You need a measuring tape a mirror to check if you’re holding the tape horizontal.

Step 3 Find your best bra size in a bra size chart. Or you can use our handy bra size calculator.

Teenage bra size chart in centimeters
Always start with choosing your best bra band size first. Go from there to decide on your cup size. Find my US size here »

bra size chart teenage girls


Many girls are just in between two band sizes or cup sizes. So you might have doubts about which bra size to choose. Just play around a bit with the measurements and maybe measure a couple of times.

Going up or down a band size will change the cup volume as well. If you want to keep the same cup volume you would have to go up or down a cup size as well. For example, 75A and 70B bras have the same cup volume. (75A and 80A do not have the same cup volume).

Teenage bras for AA cup

Boobs & Bloomers Girl’s Anny Non-Wired Padded bra AA-B cups | See details at Amazon.com

This Maidenform Girl Bralette comes in over 20 colors and patterns.

Maidenform Girl Seamless Ruched Crop Bralette | See details at Amazon.com

It has padding that you can take out. It comes in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large. It is a great choice for girls who need AA-A cups, up to band size 38.

Are you an AA cup? See our AA bra guide for more topics just for you! » or have a look at my 5 favorite bra brands for AA cup »

Teenage bras in A cup

Maidenform Girl Rh4351 Bra | See collection Maidenform Girls at Amazon.com

De Maidenform Girls’ collection is great for

  • all young girls who don’t want or need a cup size just yet | look for crop tops & bras
  • girls with a cup A | great choice of a soft cup, molded racerback, and sports bra

Another popular A cup bra for girls is the Seamless Hybrid Bra by Calvin Klein. The bra has no wires and is very comfortable. The girls’ collection has great styles for young girls, like many wire-free styles, sports bras, cotton bra tops.

Calvin Klein Girls’ Big Seamless Hybrid Bra | See Calvin Klein Girls’ collection at Amazon.com

Teenage bras in B-C cups

A great brand (of Dutch origin) is Boobs & Bloomers. They have sizes AA-C.

Boobs & Bloomers Girl’s Anny Underwired Bra A-C cups | See the collection B&B at Amazon.com

See my blog on the best sports bras for small breasts »

Go to bra size calculator and determine your best bra size

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