Adhesive bras for small breasts A-AA cups

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A sticky bra under anything strapless, backless or frontless is a must-have. While there is a wide range of adhesives on the market, the choice for us petites is limited. These 6 adhesive bras A-AA cups are great for petite

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How does an adhesive bra work?

The sticky bra or the adhesive bra is a bra that sticks to your breasts. It is made to be sticky so you don’t need straps or a backband.

The adhesive bra has two separate cups that you stick to each of your breasts and then click together.

The inside of the cups are pure medical-grade silicone-adhesive and can be used several times. Wash by hand.

The adhesive regenerates after it dries.

How to put on your adhesive bra?

woman is putting on an adhesive bra
  • place the adhesive cups directly onto the skin of your breasts
  • put on each cup separately before you clip the bra together 
  • that’s it

Will a sticky bra work for my small boobs?


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Having an AA cup myself I find that a lot of A cup sticky bras work fine for me.

The larger cup size you choose the more breast tissue the cups will cover. Meaning an A cup sticky bra will cover more breast tissue on an AA cup-sized woman than it does on an A cup-sized woman. 

But there’s one brand that actually has cup AA sticky in their collection.

The NuBra Feather Light comes in A and AA! | see 6 sticky bras for small cups

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Why women wear a sticky bra?

  • many women use the adhesive bra as their basic daily bra because they like it so much
  • the bra is so very light and almost feels like you’re not wearing a bra
  • an adhesive bra is giving you support, protection, and a little push up as well
  • looking all very natural

6. Adhesive bras for A & AA

1. Rose LeMarc Strapless Push Up Silicone Bra – Dark Nude | S-XL

push up adhesive dark nude

Rose LeMarc Fantasy Strapless Backless Drawstring Push Up Silicone Bra – Nude Dark in Small-XLarge | See collection Rose LeMarc at

✔ pure medical grade silicone
 sweat and waterproof rating
 flattering panel seams
 3 exclusive shades of nude see here on Amazon

2. MITALOO Push up Strapless Self Adhesive Bra | A-D cups

sticky bra push up v shape

MITALOO Push up Strapless Self Adhesive Bra A-D cups | See collection Mitaloo at

✔ mango-shaped bra
 for a deep V shape breast
 strapless push-up
suitable for AA cup
 reusable and suitable for sensitive skin see collection on Amazon

3. Niidor Sticky Invisible Push up Silicone Bra for Backless Dress

Niidor Adhesive Bra Strapless Sticky Invisible Push up Silicone Bra for Backless Dress with Nipple Covers Nude | See details at

✔ V-shape that helps push-up your breast
 skin-friendly silicone adhesive
 high-strength stickiness
easy to remove
 A – F cups | black and nude | see collection on Amazon

4. Maidenform Adhesive hook bra color Café | A-D cups

adhesive bra dark color

Maidenform Women’s Adhesive Hook Bra A-D | See details at

✔ bra with silicone gel adhesive lined cups
 in black, nude and café
 soft and lightweight
easy to remove
 A – F cups | black and nude | see collection on Amazon

5. NuBra Super Padded Adhesive Bra AA–B cups

nubra padded adhesive aa cup

NuBra The Feather-Lite Super Padded Light Adhesive Bra | See collection NuBra at

✔ cups AA, A, B
 colors: nude, tan and black
 all cups fit band sizes 32-38
extenders can be used for wider band sizes (bought separately)
 see collection on Amazon

6. NuBra The Feather-Lite Super Light Adhesive Bra AA-DD

adhesive push up nubra cup aa

NuBra The Feather-Lite Super Light Adhesive Bra | See details at

✔ cups AA-DD
 clasp closure
 adjust for maximum cleavage enhancement
see collection Amazon

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